Drums of Autumn season four episode recaps, with our Aussie Blogging Lass Susie Brown

All season, right before the next episode each week, Susie Brown will recap Drums of Autumn.

Check back with us infront of each new episode for the links to our recap posts, where Susie gives you all the details with an easy to understand synopsis of each show's episode story.

America the Beautiful, episode 401

Link to blog post recap

Do no Harm, episode 402

Link to blog post recap

False Bride, episode 403

Link to blog post recap

Common Ground, episode 404

Link to blog post recap

Savages, episode 405

Link to blog post recap

Blood of my Blood, episode 406

Link to blog post recap

Down the Rabbit hole, episode 407

Link to blog post recap

Wilmington, episode 408

Link to blog post recap

The Birds and the Bees, episode 409

Link to blog recap

The Deep Hearts Core, episode 410

Link to blog recap

If not for Hope, episode 411

Link to blog recap,

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