Saturday, October 9, 2021

New York City Comic Con 2021 is here...

As some may know we live in the NYC area. We hopped, skipped, n jumped over to see what was happening at the Outlander panel at Comic Con.. NYC today!

Diana Gabaldon, Sam Heughan, and Maril Davis were present for the panel.. The rest of the cast were on a live feed.. They all describe the upcoming season as traumatic, in that Claire is still dealing with the abduction from last season, and the Christie's (who move to the Ridge) are really "terrible people". Guess we shall see!

The entire panel

From Starz, season six teaser...

Photos from Comic Con courtesy of Starz


One word to describe season six?

Key Art for Outlander (we love it)


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Caitriona Balfe's portrayal of Kenneth Branagh's mother, the first interview we've found...

With Oscar accolades in the mix after many wins at this year's 2021 film festivals, Caitriona Balfe's performance in the film Belfast, has been green lit for recognition in this year's major awards! And honestly, it's about time.... 

I cannot express enough, the disappointment Outlander fans have felt with every snub during award season, for all the cast and their outstanding portrayals of our favorite Outlander character's... 

With Tobias Menzies Emmy award, (supporting) for his performance in the series The Crown, I wonder if the actors of Outlander have to depart from our series before the award voting body acknowledges them? But I digress....

Here is the interview with Jamie Dornan and Caitriona Balfe about "Belfast".... Go Caitriona! 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Outlander, The End of Summer Series....

Outlander encompasses so much of everyday life for fans. With that, the producers decided to breakdown fun pieces of the show production, which include Food, Music and of course the characters... and they asked the cast to chime in on each episode...

Watching these videos during droughtlander inspired me all over again, I have to say the music episode had me in tears... 

The comparisons, changes, and personalities between the show and the book of Outlander is that of epic battles among our fandom. Regarding season five, we learn  answers to fan questions, explanations, and what went into their projects, (just how amazing the season five scenes were) with Maril Davis and Diana Gabaldon. 

The Outlander characters are food driven, (arent we all) Chef and Outlander cookbook author, Theresa Carle-Sanders chats with Lauren Lyle and John Bell about her recipes, (while making one) the Fraser family dynamic and what goes into 17th century food preparations. 

Music... Ah the music of Outlander is bone thrillingly intense. For me, it gets me ready for what I'm about to watch when Outlander is airing. Every week, every scene, every character's leitmotif... To break down his musice score for Outlander is Bear McCreary, Raya Yarbrough and cast member/musician Maria Kennedy Doyle.

Matt Robert's does a Droughtlander Podcast with production

 Outlander Droughtlander waiting for season six...

So how are the Outlander books made into a series? How are they broken down into episodes? What goes into what we view?

Matt sits down with members of various production departments to explain their contributions

Monday, July 19, 2021

The BBC UK creates "Scenes for Survival" during the Covid lockdown, honoring the Arts and Threatre. One beautiful musical short features Richard Rankin..


Short digital artworks created by leading Scottish threatre and screen talent. 

What do you remember most about growing up? Chances are it might be the summers, with so much time to play they felt like they might go on forever. And it looks like this one might be the longest yet… Written by Noisemaker (Scott Gilmour & Claire McKenzie) and directed by Jemima Levick, for the National Theatre of Scotland’s Scenes for Survival series, The Longest Summer sees Richard Rankin star in a lyrical, life-affirming musical journey through childhood and hardship, celebrating the beautiful things that the world has to offer. Produced with support from Hopscotch Films. 

There are many more theatrical clips here at the BBC iPlayer:

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Sam Heughan scholarship program at his alma mater....

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland wins again thanks to Sam Heughan. Two lucky eligible Scottish students and one international student, will be awarded a scholarship fund. (along with one eligible script writer) Sam Heughan attended the drama school where he learned his craft in Glasgow, and he wants to give back to the financially struggling college... Here in his own words is the full story.

Heughan said: “I came here many years ago and just recall how difficult it was for me then and, obviously, in the current environment, especially with the pandemic, things are equally or doubly as hard for students.

"I really wanted to create a scholarship that would support young students."

"I learned so much from what was the Royal Scottish Academy (of Music and Drama) - now the conservatoire - just the support that they gave me and even now, the community that they've built.

"It felt really important to be able to give back. I feel very lucky in my career and where I've found myself in the industry. To help, I guess, inspire some of the students as well and to support them because I know that there's so much creativity and talent coming out of this very special building."

Royal Conservatoireof Scotland:

The story:

Where to go for more information:

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Outlander stars rate and love the fandom art!


Although there is so much more fan art out in the universe, here is what Outlander Starz found during droughtlander....

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Outlander season six goes to New York City Comic Con... 2021

Get ready Outlander fans, on Saturday October 9th, NYC with explode once again with Kilts! 

Tickets go on sale July 11th 2021....

As news comes out, we will update this page

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Outlander production cuts season six to 8 episodes and expands season seven to 16!

Producing a show with Covid and the longer lockdown in Scotland must be hard.. The production team decided to air the 8 episodes for season six that they managed to finish, with a 90 minute first episode airing! Leaving 4 episodes to be tacked onto the already planned 12 episode season seven!

Hopefully when they say early 2022, they mean January? 

Here is the announcement from Outlander Starz

Official promo photos for season six

Page produced by Carole Braun 

Diana Gabaldon shares the first chapter scene and creates a Facebook club for Bees


From Random house about Bees

About the official book club..

To join

Opening scene from "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone"

Happy World Outlander Day


Started by a German fanclub in 2014 (as per Outlander expert, Karen Henry) World Outlander Day began to show support of Outlander prior to the show that has now brought much media attention...

From the cast of Outlander 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Diana Gabaldon sits down with, (the Hassayampa Institute) The Literary SouthWest from April 2nd, 2021


Here, Diana reads from excerpts of her new book, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone, and describes her day to day, since Outlander exploded into her life 33 years ago... 

She also talks about the Outlander series writers room, where " they are visual" so they expand on subjects from her book that should not be on the show! And how she deals with that when she is sent the scripts.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Go Tell The Bess That I Am Gone

News update.... Diana Gabaldon has a smart publisher! They are releasing the book, November 23rd, 2021! 

Pre order from PenguinRandomHouse


Diana Gabaldon posted a Daily line of her 9th book that changed my morning... 

Herself said.... Its finished! 

We have no information on the publishing date. TBA

Page produced by Carole Braun 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Outlander Behind the Scenes by Courtney Williams.. "Thoughts and Updates on Bee's by Diana G and Me"

Well, with all the new promotion coming out (of Starz) with characters for season six, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, along with new episodes of Men in Kilts, I have to be reminded when I'm dazzled by all this, (are they trying to distract us?) that it comes from and is inspired by my favorite book series.

Diana Gabaldon has mastered the key to our souls, that's the only logical explanation for her fans, (me) waiting half my lifetime for yet the next Outlander book that seem to come every 6 years give or take, since the mid 1990's! 

While I wait for any morsal of finality to what could be the largest book to date, the 9th book in the #OutlanderSaga "Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone", one of my favorite writers Courtney Williams of OutlanderBTS, reminds me with her very in depth blog about the making of "Bees, that impatience will not make it any better! 

Courtney responded to fan angst with a very thoughtful, detailed account of what goes into writing a new book for Diana, and what she has been up to during the 6 years, demonstrating her very busy schedule... while creating the journey of Jamie and Claire!

Have a read... 

Sunday, March 14, 2021

#Outlander Season seven announced!

The anticipation for a 2022 season six which is currently being filmed in Scotland, is palpable. So fans were thrilled when the Outlander cast answered fan questions, (oddly all related to a possible future announcement for a season 7...) Then it happened! Well, without further teasing... Here It Is...... 

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Season six has begun! #Outlander

What we know so far of season six filming... A Breath of Snow and Ashes

New BTS May 2021

Update the first episode titles

Sneak peek 

From the cast of Outlander 

Sony pictures promotion photo of the Christie's..
Actress Jessica Reynolds plays Malva, actor Mark Lewis Jones plays Thomas Christie, and actor Alexander Vlahos plays brother Allan... 

 Allan Christie (the depraved)

Information on Allan Christie will not be given except to say he is not what he looks like... 
Due to storyline spoilers!

Wow exactly how I imagined Malva Christie

More on Malva

Malva has been raised as Tom's daughter and the two will come to settle on Fraser's Ridge in the upcoming sixth season. Malva becomes an apprentice to Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) but goes on to plot to ruin her marriage.

#Outlander meet Tom Christie of season six...

Information on Tom Christie

Tom Christie is a staunch Presbyterian and a rather unlikeable man. He is stern, taciturn, and cross much of the time. He has two children: a son named Allan and a daughter named Malva, who we find out later is really his niece (the daughter of his first wife and his brother)

ELLE magazine chats with Matthew B Roberts 

Matt says episode 601 title will be: Echos... 

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Men in Kilts premieres Feburary 14th on Starz

When asked about their adventures by a reporter interviewing the two, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish explained that most of the story lines found in Outlander about Scotland were only mildly familiar to them. 

So the idea to set out on a journey to see the culture of Scotland from an authentic perspective both excited, and tantalized them! Watch the clip which explains more!