Droughtlander for Season 5, Fiery Cross..... Here's the interesting bits, while we wait!

Season 5 episode 01 is available now on the Starz app.. or wait for the Sunday February 16th 2020 premiere on Starz...

The Outlander premiere in LA

The wedding promo

The Brianna Doll
By Kuzey creations

Check out KuzeyCreations (@AysunKu): https://twitter.com/AysunKu?s=09

Watch the premiere of Season Five... on Facebook, February 13th 2020, with cast and production

Lauren sandwich

Buy Sam Heughan's new Whisky "The Sassenach" Unique Spirits, now available in the US... Sam launched his Whisky in LA at a Burns Night supper for BaftaLA, where he addressed the Haggis! 


Buy the new music track made by Sophie Skelton for charity 


New promos as of January 2020

The new introduction to season 5 with music by Bear McCreary, we love the twist!

Season 5...
Premiere set for LA, February 13th 2020

Season 5 teasers coming in now, 2 months out...

4 minute pre teaser from Starz...

The Fiery Cross... take an oath

Recent PR 

What's coming up? what will get your mind off the wait? we thought a few of our favorite things....

Season 5 wrap photo...

John Gary Steele created Jamie and Claire's big house

Try Sam Heughans new campaign

Sassenach tartan coming in November 2019



Sassenach Whisky called Sassenach Spirits



More cast announcements

News from end of 2019...

That's a wrap... from Lauren Lyle

Outlander won the Most Bingeworthy Show category on the Peoples Choice awards

Season 5 teaser trailer

Scene stills

New casting

To pass the time

ClanLands...  with Graham McTavish and Sam Heughan 


This podcast with our Outlander cast, is a look at Scotland, Whisky drinking, Clans, the Country, the culture...  Its the Outlander (season one) we all fell in love with!

News of season 5

February 16th is the season 5 premiere date on Starz.

Outlander goes to NYC Comic Con 
October 3-6 2019

The panel is set for Saturday

For the waiting... Sam Heughan has come out with a new Whisky... check out his website at

And @SassenachSpirits on Twitter...

Theresa-Carle Sanders of Outlander Kitchen, did an interview with Nancy M Fontenot for our page, check it out here


For killing time, try a few new recipes

The 5th anniversary of Outlander on Starz... 

Casting new

Our first confirmed actor

We have Adso

Outlander casting... 

Casting for Outlander

Maybe Germaine?

Jon Gary Steele Q&A with our writer Susie Brown


Tara Bennett's anticipated next "Making of" is pre ordering... on Amazon


An excerpt of Diana Gabaldon's book 9... Go tell the Bee's that I am gone! Out hopefully in Sept 2019

By, Three if by space

This collection of books are by authors in the Outlander fandom! Some are inspired by Diana Gabaldon herself, some by the stories in her book series, but all are very talented. 


The cast weigh in during production.... 

Jemmy, and Germaine

The cast about season 5, it begins filming... 


New cast, extras?

New stills

Julia LeBlanc makes beautiful Outlander themed videos, check them out!


Cats And Kilts page owner Cathie McQuistion, creates funny and inspiring musical stories themed after the Outlander world..


Fancy fun factoids? How about an anatomy lesson through the lense of Outlander? Check out Karmen's Outlander Anatomy


Any and every Outlander detail explored, by Karen Henry of Outlandish observations...


Funny bones! Travel guides with a verra funny Twitter page.. Outlandish Scotland.. 

Check out Outlandish Scotland (@OutlandishScot): https://twitter.com/OutlandishScot?s=09

AB Outlanders #Sher brilliant observations on this blog, with a sense of humor to go with! Abootlanders


Pure sass

For your EMMY consideration

The link to the STARZ FYC in LA


Our interview with Jon Gary Steele


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