Monday, June 3, 2019

David Berry answers a few questions for the Outlander Untold edition DVD release

From Vimeo, Outlander behind the scenes... season four
Full video

From the David Berry Q&A on Instagram thank you Outlander Obsessed...

Some videos are duplicate, thank you to all sources on Instagram, especially Outlander Obsessed!

For your EMMY consideration!

Starz made an event out of their EMMY entries! STARZ FYC...

Panels, exhibits, fashion shows, from their star studded cast of characters. Each category entered into the EMMY race from the Spanish Princess, Outlander, American Gods, Power, Counterpart (just to name a few) appeared at a Westfield mall in LA... Set Designers to Actors... they were all there...

Here is the full Starz FYC

Full panel from YouTube "updated..

Here is the 34 minute video from Outlander Vancouver

From the panel

Video from Outlander SoCal Caitriona talks about the costumes of every season..

From the Outlander fashion show

Video by Jill Millander of Outlander SoCal

Also, Outlander had an interactive exhibit show room.. Here is a video by Outlander SoCal's Jill Millander...

Thank you to the Outlander SoCal ladies, who ALWAYS cover the Outlander LA events..

Saturday, June 1, 2019