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Raffle and page produced by Dorianne Panich

New Holiday raffle for end of 2021

Whats included: 
A signed book (by the author) Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone, the 9th in the series of Outlander. A Jamieism graphic Tee or Onesie (winners choice) from DPJ clothing.  

Just send us a copied receipt to any charity you've chosen to donate to, for the month of December until January 13th! at Outlanderhomepage@gmail.com to be entered! Deadline will be January 13th. Raffle will be run on January 14th. And announced on Twitter January 15th 2022... 

And as usual you must be following our page for communication there after.. (as we promote our raffles that way)

Prize is in full. And will ship separately..

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander

DPK Clothing

New Raffle Giveaway


A Knitting Giveaway! Open to US and Canada.... Month of November 2020... winner will be picked from entered names on November 30th 2020... randomly....

Want to wear 18th century knits like Claire Beachum Randall Fraser? Want her wooly Cowls, her fingerless gloves, her beautiful sweaters, and be able to say you made them yourself? 

Follow our social media pages, "like" this blog post, and your automatically entered to win the #Outlander knitting book, along with chunky yarn and the essential tools to complete your first project! 

What is included in your prize:

Outlander knitting book, 4 bundles of Chunky Yarn, Knitting Tool kit! (See below for details) 

A thank you shout out to #SonyProductions #OutlanderStarz and #PenguinRandomHouse for sending us this book (prior to the release date) to offer as a free giveaway for fans!

One of our biggest giveaways for fans just discovering Outlander!

Summer 2019

Another milestone raffle giveaway!

Coming up on 35000 Twitter OUTLANDER fandom follows! 

As soon as we've hit 35000 follows, we will announce winner! Open to new and already following fans. Retweet to be entered! 

To enter, just like, & retweet the post, and follow our page to have your account included! 

Whats in our giveaway? Goodies from all 4 Seasons....

Season 4 soundtrack by Bear McCreary 

Cryptozoic trading card from season 2

Art by Vera Adxer of Diana Gabaldon 

DVD combo, The first 3 seasons 

The famous photo shoot spread of season 3, from Entertainment weekly

Season 1 tote bag

Signed autographed photos of Steven Cree and Gary Lewis, season 1,
from our Outlander in the city event

Turtle soup charm from season 3

This raffle is over........

Our winners

@JustJulie on Twitter 
@DebbyJoHill on Twitter 
@SorchaFraser-Swatton on Twitter 

Thank you for playing...

New raffle campaign for May 2019

Open to UK residents only

Sony Pictures in conjunction with Outlander Starz, has offered Outlander Homepage 3 DVD sets of the upcoming Outlander season, to raffle off for the nation wide DVD/Blue Ray release of season 4! 

Just follow and like our announcement on your social media platforms... to be entered.. winners will be picked randomly by our raffle app, no later than the week after the release from Outlander Starz!

This raffle is over.

Stacy Devine of @Staysafe on Twitter won the beautiful scarf! Thank you for playing!

New raffle retweet campaign. Winner will be picked and announced on Sunday March 31st 2019.... 

Roma Sars of the fansite My Outlander Friends on social media, https://myoutlanderfriends.com has kindly donated one of her amazing scarves! This is a gorgeous piece, made up of soft plush cotton, and has an Outlander book theme, with Jamie and Claire's favorite ring inscription from the poem quote of the famous Amorous kisses by Richard Crashaw. The best part of this for us is that Roma donates some part of the proceeds to Alex's journey. A non profit foundation that helps little Alex pay for his cancer therapy from a very rare form of childhood cancer called Ewing Sarcoma.
Follow his journey at https://alexanders-journey.com

The poem quoted in part on the scarf...

Out of Catullus

Come and let us live my Deare,

Let us love and never feare,

What the sowrest Fathers say:

Brightest Sol that dies to day

Lives againe as blithe to morrow,

But if we darke sons of sorrow

Set; o then, how long a Night

Shuts the Eyes of our short light!

Then let amorous kisses dwell

On our lips, begin and tell

A Thousand, and a Hundred, score

An Hundred, and a Thousand more,

Till another Thousand smother

That, and that wipe of another.

Thus at last when we have numbred

Many a Thousand, many a Hundred;

Wee’l confound the reckoning quite,

And lose our selves in wild delight:

While our joyes so multiply,

As shall mocke the envious eye. 

The scarf....

Winner will be picked and announced on Sunday March 31st 2019.... 

You can also buy this and other Outlander themed scarves on Roma's ETSY SITE. 

Check them out, and good luck! 

(How it works...)
Retweet once you have followed our Twitter, or join our Facebook page or sign up on email for our blog! We will then add your handle to our raffle, done on a raffle app, picked randomly!

I have one, it is long... and soft and beautiful 

This raffle is over!

Well we did it! 30,000 follows... We would like to thank everyone who played...
Our winners of the Faerie magazine giveaway are Danielle Handel, Pamela Linett, and Brenda Bomgarden of Twitter.

It has been an amazing journey, helping with this fansite, we are blown away by the fans support.


We have joined with FAERIE MAGAZINE
"Enchantment for a Modern Age"
To add to our monumental giveaway...

The goddesses at the magazine were lovely enough to send
Outlander Homepage,
3 of the OUTLANDER special Autumn editions of FAERIE MAGAZINE.

This beautifully made edition is packed with Scottish related tidbits, pages of couture designed photo spreads, Scottish themed herbal remedies, Scottish stories, plus facts about the show, season 4, and, detailed interviews with
Terry Dresbach and Diana Gabaldon! 

Three special people will be picked via a raffle tumble once we hit 30,000 follows. Each name that retweets on twitter and signs up for our blog mail, is entered!

We will announce on Twitter....

Other past giveaways...

Thank you to all who signed up for our emails on the blog!
Check back for the next giveaway!


Please enter our NEW Raffle, ending the last day we hit 30,000 Twitter follows! A huge milestone we have Outlander fans to thank for...

Thank you ALL for your support! Follow our blog and sign up for our posts via email. 

New followers and existing followers alike will be entered. Just give us a retweet and you're entered! 

we'll be picking a winner of our OUTLANDER goodies soon!

Which could include, Shot glasses- Tee shirts- Bear McCreary's soundtrack- Book Scents candle simmers- Outlander coloring book- Outlander bookmarks- Outlander tote bag- Outlander poster - Outlander magnetics.... Funko dolls- Dutch Beastie art....TheWitTheWhimsey gift boxes.... Pocket paperdolls- Any one of these prizes can be yours, prizes picked randomly from group, month to month.. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL...

We have added a few signed Outlander autographed character photo's...

Sealbh math dhuibh!



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