Friday, March 29, 2024

Season eight is filming. From the book, Written in my Own Hearts Blood.


News for season eight... 

New additions 

Book nine characters incorporated into season eight.. to wrap up... 

Cast long forgotten in season seven, returns!

Just a glimpse into the set walk through with the cast.... season eight.

Fan made from the original video... by Sabine Galke

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Blood of My Blood, the Starz prequel of Outlander

Although Diana Gabaldon did not pen either story for tv and will not tell the story of Claire Beauchamp's parents, she will however have a Novella finished sometime in the near future about Jamie's parents, Black Brian (Lovatt) and Ellen MacKenzie.

Here are a few announcements from the Starz team, including cast reveals. 

Added secondary cast

Added cast.

Article from an interview with Tony Curran, who plays Simon Fraser aka Lord Lovat.

Welcome new comers to old characters, Rory Alexander as Murtach, Sam Retford as Dougal MacKenzie, Seamus McLean Ross as Colum MacKenzie, Conor MacNeill

Cast of the new prequel Blood of My Blood. 

New casting announcement, complete break down from Variety

First pictures of Claire's parents Henry Beauchamp and Julia Moriston on the set of the prequel series in Glasgow.

We will continue posting on this highly anticipated series.  

Thursday, January 11, 2024

New Items For Outlander Fans

While being cheeky about her birthday, Diana shared on her Facebook page that Penguin Random House announced The Outlander Cocktail Book and The Outlander Trivia Game. This is a cool idea to get through Outlander’s Droughtlander! 

Diana’s post

The links to the new Outlander merch...

Beautifully illustrated cocktail book

Trivia card game for the Outlander obsessed.