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Outlander | The Hands of Time Season 1 Recap | STARZ

Sam Heughan Wins E!'s Alpha Male Madness Tournament

Outlander: From Scotland to Paris, link to live stream of Premiere!

So The ET Now live stream will be up a few minutes before they go live at 6pm eastern, on the
red Carpet, April 4th, at the Museum of Natural History...

Save this link to ensure your spot on the Red Carpet! Watch it Live as it happens...

Articles from Various Magazines Covering Outlander this week!

All credit from @Gossip gal on Twitter thank you for all the imaging!

Line-Up for Outlander appearances

Events for the next 2 weeks for Outlander Cast!

The Late Late Show March 31, Sam Heughan

Los Angeles Panel Writers Block March 31st, Producers, Ron D Moore, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies 
Live streaming

The Premiere Red Carpet NYC Museum of Natural History April 4th, Entire Production, Bear McCreary, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies
ET Now Facebook live streaming 6pm

New York Panel Television Academy April 5, Producers, Ron D Moore, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies

The Today Show April 6, Caitriona Balfe

Saks Fifth Avenue unveiling Costumes April 7th, with Terry Dresbach. Also Caitrion Balfe and Sam Heughan

Live with Kelly & Michael April 8, Sam Heughan 

NY Tartan Parade April 9th, Sam Heughan Grand Marshall

Starz Outlander Season 2 interview Dish Studio

Interview with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe on the set of Season 2 Outlander, with Dish Studio!

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From Scotland to Paris: A Behind the Scenes Journey with Outlander


The STARZ Original Series Outlander, based on Diana Gabaldon's international best-selling novels, spans romance, science fiction, history and adventure, and has captured the hearts and imaginations of television viewers around the world.

This season, Outlander moves from the Scottish Highlands to the French Court of Louis XV. You're invited to a behind-the-scenes event as cast and crew discuss the thrill of creating the magnificent world of 18th century Paris and Versailles, including the meticulous work of the costume and set departments.

In addition, Emmy Award-winning composer Bear McCreary will perform his new theme for this second-season adventure.

Ronald D. Moore, Showrunner, Writer and Executive Producer
Maril Davis, Executive Producer
Terry Dresbach, Costume Designer
Jon Gary Steele, Production Designer
Bear McCreary, Composer
Caitriona Balfe, Claire Randall Fraser
Sam Heughan, Jamie Fraser
Tobias Menzies, Frank Randall/Jack Randall

CBS news correspondent Michelle Miller will moderate the discussion.

Complimentary attendance for Television Academy members and one guest only (non-transferable). Membership card and ID are necessary for admittance.

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis with reservation; Admission is not guaranteed.

This event will be webcast LIVE here on at 7:30PM EDT/4:30PM PDT. Bookmark this page and return to watch the event!

Tuesday, April 05, 2016 - 7:30pm EDT


Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at NYU
566 LaGuardia Place
New York, NY 10012

Outlander: 5 Videos of Caitriona and Sam answering questions in Costume from the set of Outlander! Will Claire and Jamie keep the passion alive? A pop quiz, and parenthood!

Titles of the Outlander Series, Season two Dragonfly in Amber!

Starz just released the first five episode titles of Outlander season 2. What do they reveal about Jamie and Claire's story?

After just one episode had aired of the first season, Starz was clearly happy enough with the viewing numbers for the time-traveling romance to order up Outlander season 2. Now we have a premiere date for the 13-episode second season, which will be based Dragonfly in Amber, the second of the eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-sellingOutlander series.

Starz has just released the episode titles for the first five episodes of season 2, and there may be some hints about the progression (and, for those who already known the plot, the pace of progression) of Claire and Jamie's story in there...

Season 2, Episode 1: "Through A Glass, Darkly"
Season 2, Episode 2: "Not in Scotland Anymore"
Season 2, Episode 3: "Useful Occupations and Deceptions"
Season 2, Episode 4: "La Dame Blanche"
Season 2, Episode 5: "Untimely Resurrection"

Outlander Season 2 Premiere Date

Outlander season 2 kicks off on April 9th at 9:00 p.m. on Starz. With the annoucement, Starz also released the first key art for the new season:

Updated: by Starz, the Episode Titles!

Outlander Stars Reveal What's New in Season 2 TV GUIDE

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E! News with Kristin Dos Santos... All the Videos in one place!

Scotland BBC2 Documentary of Outlander Filming

An amazing documentary from the BBC of OUTLANDER filming, sets, and Scotland...

Outlander | Caitriona Answers Your Questions | STARZ

Very Honest Caitriona Answers, Sweet and Funny!

Five Minutes With.... Sam Heughan

MARIE CLAIRE does a great job in this interview asking a few questions the Outlander fans maybe havent heard Sam Heughan answer yet...

The star of Outlander answers all your *burning* questions about the show's steamy second season

Hannah-Rose Yee - Marie Claire Magazine

Sam Heughan as Jamie with co-star Caitriona Balfe as Claire in season one of Outlander

When it comes to guilty pleasures, we've got our fair share: donuts, bowls of pasta as big as our head, a glass of orange wine on a Friday afternoon. But no guilty pleasure is as guilty - or, indeed, as pleasurable - as Outlander. The sumptuous melodrama follows a feisty 1940s' feminist who is hurled back in time to rebellion-era Scotland when she touches some magic rocks. Once in the wilds of the North, she stumbles upon the softly-spoken, kilt-wearing gentle giant Jamie, and lots of steamy, sexy sex ensues. All with a steadfast and resolute focus on female pleasure. It's not only rare when it comes to television, but downright applause worthy. What's not to love?

The show is pretty much our favourite thing to binge-watch, and it's thanks in no small part to this man: Sam Heughan, who selflessly spends most of the series shirtless for your viewing pleasure. (His bottom trended on Twitter after Outlander's climactic - ahem, pun intended - episode seven when Claire and Jamie first consummated their union.) We sat down with the man making television so, so great to find out a little bit more about the new season.

MARIE CLAIRE: Is this your first time in Australia?
SAM HEUGHAN: It is. I have had an amazing time. It’s such a beautiful... [Pulls a face] It’s so sunny I want to be outside! [Laughs] But it’s been amazing. We’ve had two days off, so when we landed we went to a rugby game. Then I went to Bondi, Manly cove [and] up the Bridge. It’s been great.

MC: And have you tried Vegemite?
SH: Yes, I had Vegemite on TV yesterday. I loved it. I really like it. Anything on toast is good though.

MC: The fans of this show are legendary. Is that something you had ever encountered before?
SH: No I had never encountered anything like this. What’s surprising is that we have been to America and we’ve been in Europe and the fact that the fans over here are just as enthusiastic about the show [is amazing]. We had an event last night and they all turned up and they were all wearing some piece of tartan and they were really into it and it’s crazy to think that the show has that far of a reach.

MC: What's the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?
SH: I probably can’t say, because I think it’s a bit embarrassing. But they’re great, they generally are very, very well-meaning and very supportive of everything we do. And some time it might go a little too enthusiastic, but they’re also self policing as well and they have a great community of support for each other.

MC: A lot of people - ED'S NOTE: Ahem, marie claire staffers included - love the fact that the sex is so feminist and realistic in the show. How important was that going in? 
SH: The show is from the point of view of a woman so therefore we see it from her eyes. Myself and Caitriona [Balfe, who plays Claire] are very aware of what we do and why are we doing it. We don’t want it to just be some explicit, pornographic thing on television. We want it to have a meaning and move the characters forward and show something about their relationship.

MC: What can fans expect in the bedroom in season 2?
SH: I think they’re going to be surprised actually. Very surprised.

MC: Pleasantly?
SH: I don’t know. You know, at the end of season one Jamie has a great trauma happen to him, so he’s still suffering mentally and physically and Claire’s now pregnant. So they’re not the young lovers that have fallen for each other for the first time. They’re grown up and have a grown up relationship with all of its intricate details and that will be reflected in the bedroom.

Sam Heughan as Jamie in a still from season 2 of Outlander

MC: There's a ninth book coming very soon. How abreast are you of where Jamie’s story arc goes?
SH: I think she’s getting there. From what I hear. She allows us the odd bit of information. I know what happens to Jamie in the end of the series. We do talk a lot and she does give us little insights into our characters. If we ever have any questions or anything really she’s a great source of material and she’s helped me and Caitriona in lots of ways.

MC: You and your co-star Caitriona Balfe are very close. What's the best and worst thing about that?
SH: The best is that it’s reflected in the show. We go to know each other well in the first season and developed this bond and this trust. I think it’s great to be able to share the journey with someone. The worst... Now what could be the worst thing... I think recently we’ve had people discussing our personal life and whether we were in a relationship and it’s almost a shame that that has to be discussed because we’re just doing our job. I don’t know what other job you do where you have to discuss your personal life or relationship with a co-worker. It’s very strange.

MC: Do you guys make a point of not talking about it when asked?
SH: For a while. I mean we were asked in every interview and we were quite candid about it. I felt like we should just not discuss it at all but she wanted to make it clear and I think that’s totally fair. I don’t know. Part of me thinks it breaks the spell. And the other part of me says we should just be honest about it and make it clear but then, you know… I don’t think it matters.

MC: On a scale of 1-10 how great is it as a Scot to wear a kilt everyday to work?
SH: 10.

MC: Are you very Scottish?
SH: I would say I’m an honorary Scot. I’m from the borders, My mum is English, I don’t have the strongest accent. But I’ve certainly fallen in love with my country and the many facets that make it up and the history of it. And now staunchly proud of it and the history of Scotland and its culture. It’s great to be able to film there and bring our culture to the rest of the world. My responsibility is to make sure that we are as authentic as possible.

MC: There are so many raunchy costume dramas at the moment, from Outlander to Game of Thrones and Poldark. What do you think is the appeal for audiences?
SH: Things that are based on books are always very rewarding. I guess people like epic drama because they can commit to it and grow with these characters and learn more about them. I think Outlander is very different to the others. Game of Thrones is an epic fantasy,Outlander isn’t. I think Scotland is part of the appeal of Outlander, certainly. Poldark I haven’t seen. But Aidan Turner is probably the drawcard there. [Laughs]

MC: So what do you like to watch, of an evening?
SH: A documentary. Love a good doco. Love ‘em.

MC: Like nature documentaries? [ED's NOTE: Could you seriously not come up with any other kind of documentary? HRY: Nope. Just not a doco kinda gal.]
SH: Nature’s alright. Anything factual, anything real. I’m finding it harder and harder to find something to watch. I do watch a lot of American TV shows and dramas, but, especially when it comes to books, I find myself drawn to factual stuff. It’s just as exciting and in fact even more so because it’s real.

MC: Are you a binge watcher or an episode-a-week kinda guy?
SH: Binge.

MC: What is your advice to people suffering from the Droughtlander?
SH: Well they haven’t got long left now. They’ve got this far. Don’t give up. Don’t lose heart. Be prepared. It’s going to be different. Drink some red wine, because it’s [set in] France. Eat some cheese.

MC: How would you describe the series in three words?
SH: Poisonous. Political. Two Ps I need another P… Purpose. Does that work? [Laughs]

Outlander season 2 will air on Foxtel's SoHo Sundays at 8.30PM from April 10

marie claire

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G'DAY SAM! An interview with Sonya Kreiskott from Aussie Outlanders!

OutlanderHomepage Originals Written by Susie Brown

Jamie Fraser heads ‘Down Under’

There was much excitement in the Southern Hemisphere recently, when it was announced that “Himself” would be making a brief visit to Australian shores, as part of a publicity tour ahead of season 2. The lucky chosen city was Sydney, but almost immediately there was mystery surrounding the trip. There was only one fan event announced, to be held at a secret location. The only way of attending was to win your way in. The hosts of the event, Foxtel TV (Outlander screens here on its Soho channel) offered 20 double passes and asked entrants to consider, in 25 words or less, what they would ask Sam, if given the chance. A second competition, run by a group called The Viewing Lounge, offered 2 double passes and asked entrants to explain why they loved Outlander. Meanwhile, the fan group, Aussie Outlanders, held a lucky dip draw for 6 single tickets. So, imagine the scene. 50 passes available, thousands of Outlander fans… In scenes reminiscent of Willy Wonka and his golden tickets, the frenzy began.

Around the same time, one fan happened to see her local butcher preparing some haggis and shortbread for a tv program the following Monday and it was soon confirmed that there was indeed a televised interview happening at Studio 10 in Sydney, for which audience tickets were available. Not for long. It sold out in record time, with the show reporting its biggest studio audience ever.

“Sam Day” was Monday 21st March. Now you would think, as your faithful Aussie blogger, I would have been lucky enough to score an entry to at least one of these events. But sadly, it wasn’t to be. (I thought my entries were good, too!) Luckily though, Sonya Kreiskott, one of the admins of Aussie Outlanders, was pleased to tell us a little about events as they unfolded.

OHP: Sonya, to start with, tell us something about yourself. How did you come to love the Outlander series? Was it through the books or the tv series?

Sonya: I am a married almost 50 year old Mum of a 16 year old son. I discovered the books about 17 years ago. My Mum had been given some books from a friend and passed them on to me, as she didn't think it would be something she herself would read. I then discovered I only had books 2 - 4 in the series, so of course I had to find the first book before I could begin my journey. As I was reading Cross Stitch for the first time (Outlander was published as Cross Stitch in Australia and the UK), I found myself laughing, crying and biting my nails as I turned each page. I was totally sucked in within a few chapters. I could hear the Scottish accents and picture the scenery. Diana Gabaldon has a way with words like no other author I have read.

OHP: Now tell us a little about Aussie Outlanders. How long has the group been running? Who is in charge? How many members does it have? How can people join or follow the group?

Sonya: Aussie Outlanders began in October 2013, and was started by Angelena H. I think I joined in the 2nd month and became an admin in February 2014, after a gathering in Brisbane. Our other admin is Leah N. We currently have almost 2700 members. Australian fans can join by searching for our Facebook group 'Aussie Outlanders' and clicking on the join request. We normally action the request on the same day. Fans can follow us on Twitter @Aussieoutlanders and we also have Instagram @ Aussie outlanders (although that is not as active).

OHP: Sam Heughan visited Australia recently and tickets to the Foxtel fan event were very hard to come by. How many tickets did Aussie Outlanders receive and how did this come about?

Sonya:  Since before season 1 aired, our group has been building a relationship with Foxtel/SoHo. In 2014, we were lucky to be given 20 double passes to a special preview of Season 1 Episode 1 held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne simultaneously. Since then, Aussie Outlanders has been in regular contact with Foxtel. We support them, they support us and our members support them too. It's fantastic. As a result, we were given 8 tickets to the Sydney event. 2 tickets were allocated to admin and 6 tickets were left for our members.

0HP: For the lucky fans, Monday 21st March sounds like a day to remember! Tell us something about that day. Which events were you involved in?

Sonya: I watched the Studio 10 show on TV, screaming with joy when I recognised a fellow member on the screen. I was so excited for everyone there.  (NB. To watch the interview, go here:
Later that night, I was lucky enough to to attend the evening event held by Foxtel in Sydney.

OHP: Where was the evening event held? Can you tell us what happened?

Sonya: Initially Foxtel advised the event would be held at The Argyle Club in The Rocks, but when we got there, we were directed to another club called The Cut.  Angelena and I were escorting another member, as she had recently been involved in a car accident and as a result of her injuries has a broken back.
Foxtel representatives were very accommodating of Angela's injury and allowed us early entry to the venue so we could get her seated prior to the rush, to avoid her getting bumped.  (NB. You can read about Angela’s accident here: )

Before the other guests arrived, the three of us were interviewed. Once everyone was inside (approximately 70 people altogether), finger food was served,  along with wine and bubbles. Soon enough a Foxtel editor came out and the fun began. There was a huge TV near the small stage which started to play some highlights of Season 1. I am sure we were all hoping to see the first episode of season 2, but no such luck! Then Sam was brought out and introduced - to a huge roar from his happy fans welcoming him to Sydney. The editor conducted a 40 minute interview, at the end of which five people got to ask the question that won them a ticket to the event.

All too soon it was time for things to get wrapped up. We were then invited to line up to meet Sam for a quick one-on-one photo op in another room. Again, Angelena and I escorted Angela in first and waited a few minutes before Sam came in. He was very gracious, looked you in the eye when talking to you and looked interested in what you were saying.  We got a few lovely photos and managed to give him a small gift of appreciation for coming all this way for such a short time. We asked him to come again, stay longer, and to encourage other cast members to visit Australia.

OHP:  What was one interesting question that was asked and what was Sam’s answer?

Sonya: One member asked, " What would we find in your fridge if we looked in it today?” Sam's answer was, “Not much as I haven't been home for a while, but normally you would find some healthy food and some gin!”  (Not whisky as he doesn't keep that in the fridge.)

OHP: What will you remember most about your time with Sam?

Sonya: I will remember laughing together, how strong he is, how he looked at you when talking to you and just how nice he was.

OHP: What are you looking forward to about season 2?

Sonya: I am looking forward to seeing new characters introduced, especially Bree and Roger’s meeting and the beginning of their own love story.

OHP: Finally, in your opinion, what is the best thing about being an Outlander fan?

Sonya: Meeting all the Aussie Outlander members when I can. It’s wonderful being greeted as a warm friend even if you haven't met that person before.  I also love the support that we all give each other in understanding our love of the books and the show.

Thanks so much to Sonya for the interview. Even though he was only in Australia for a very short time, Sam did a number of interviews, links to which are below:
• Radio National:
• Sam plays a radio quiz:
• Rove and Sam:
• Marie Claire interview:

 This blog post was written by our Aussie admin, Susie Brown, a children’s author, teacher-librarian and Outlander fan who lives in Australia. Susie still dreams of meeting Sam Heughan one day!

Amazon Prime ticket giveaway for pre screen Season two!

Win tickets to the Outlander series 2 fan preview screening in London or Glasgow

Join fellow Clan members at a private showing of the first episode five days before it arrives on Amazon Prime

By Radio Times staffThursday 24 March 2016 at 1:32PM

Tulach Ard, Outlander fans! We're offering you the chance to see the first episode of the new series a full five days before everyone else – and take a fellow Clan member with you. has partnered with Amazon Prime Video to host screenings of the first instalment in season two of the historical fantasy drama on Tuesday 5th April at two venues, one in London and one in Glasgow, and we have 80 pairs of tickets to give away.

We'll kick off with drinks, treats, some fun prize competitions and the chance to mingle with your fellow Clan members (Highland-themed dress is of course welcome) before sitting down to catch up with Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) as they embark on a new adventure in France.

For your chance to win a pair of tickets just click the link below, answer the Outlander question and select the venue of your choice.

Win tickets to an Outlander series 2 premiere screening in London or Glasgow

Doors at both screenings open at 6pm for a 7:30pm showing. Arrive early for drinks, treats and prizes.

All images © 2016 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved
Outlander returns to Amazon Prime on 10th April

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Sam Heughan promotion on Japanese TV show

Diana Gabaldon talks to Brian Ferguson of The Scotsman!

Outlander author says show could continue for years!

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan playing Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser in Outlander.

By BRIAN FERGUSON of The Scotsman.
For entire article

OUTLANDER author Diana Gabaldon has revealed that the size of the studio complex created for the hit time-travel show filmed in Scotland has doubled.

The American writer, who is in Scotland to help make an episode of the historical fantasy series based on her books, said there had been a remarkable transformation of the production base since her last visit during the filming of the first season.

Diana Gabaldon

Speaking to The Scotsman before an appearance at Stirling Castle, she said four sound stages were now up and running in the converted warehouse in Cumbernauld where the Sony-Starz show is based.

And she said there was no reason why Outlander, the second season of which will go on air in the spring, could not continue to be made there for years to come due to the “rabid” demand for new episodes of the TV show from its global fanbase.

The show follows the adventures of married nurse Claire Randall, played by Irish actress Caitriona Balfe, and warrior Jamie Fraser, portrayed by Dumfriesshire-born Sam Heughan, after she is mysteriously propelled through time from the Second World War to the time of the Jacobite rebellion.

Outlander is the biggest single inward investment in Scotland’s film and television industry and is widely credited with boosting the value of productions shot in Scotland last year to a record £45 million.

Tourism leaders have also reported huge surges in visitor numbers at locations used for the show, including Doune Castle, in Perthshire, which stands in for Castle Leoch, the fictional main setting for the first novel.

Other sites including Blackness Castle, in West Lothian, the villages of Falkirk and Culross in Fife, and a doocot at Preston Mill, in East Lothian, have all been deployed.

However much of the filming is done behind closed doors inside a converted warehouse complex in Cumbernauld. Its base at Wardpark Industrial Estate, next to the M80 motorway, is thought to be a front-runner to become to a permanent national film studio for Scotland.

Ms Gabaldon, whose appearance was part of the annual Book Week Scotland celebration, has spent several weeks in Scotland working on an episode of Outlander after being asked to write the script for an episode.

She told The Scotsman: “The studio for Outlander is huge, it’s actually doubled in size since I was last there.

“They’ve now got four sound stages, rather than two, so they can actually film four completely different locations in there at the one time.

“I think they will keep making it as long as people keep watching it. People are extremely rabid about it. They complain bitterly about what they see as the delay in putting on the next series as they have no idea how long it takes to make an episode.

“It literally takes four weeks of filming and another four weeks of post-production. That’s a lot of moving pieces.

“The studio is just immense. It has these vast cavernous spaces where they do things like carpentry and plastering and make the actual pieces of the show, and another huge barn-like space for making props, which has thousands of shelves full of quasi-18th century things.”

The TV series of Outlander, which Gabaldon has been acting as a consultant on since former Star Trek producer Ron Moore snapped up the rights to the show, has been a huge international success since it was launched in the United States in August of last year

The show follows the adventures of married nurse Claire Randall, played by Irish actress Caitriona Balfe, and warrior Jamie Fraser, portrayed by Dumfriesshire-born Sam Heughan, after she is mysteriously propelled through time from the Second World War to the time of the Jacobite rebellion.

More than 27 million copies of Gabaldon’s books have been sold since the first was published in 1991 after she drew inspiration for a story set around the time of the Jacobite Rebellion from a kilted Doctor Who character in the 1960s.

Ms Gabaldon said she had been asked to pen the script for an episode by Moore and his team when the show was in the early stages of development, even although she had never worked on a television show before, but initially turned down the opportunity.

She told The Scotsman: “Even before the show was signed Ron and his production partner, Maril Davis, came to my house and spent two days talking to me about the characters and the back story and so forth. We were very much on the same wavelength and gradually began to trust each other.

“From from that very first time Ron asked if I would be interested in writing a script. I said no because it was the first season and it was vital to the success of the show.

“I’d never written a script and didn’t want to mess it up. I said I’d consider it if it the first season was season was successful.

“I was also in the final frenzy leading up the publication of the eighth book when I honestly do nothing except eat and sleep.”

A second season of Outlander was commissioned after just one episode was shown in the US to huge acclaim from the fans of the book and Ms Gabaldon was approached again by one of the writers.

Ms Gabaldon, who has written the 11th episode of the second season, added: “It’s quite different working on a script, but it’s not been too difficult at all. It’s much more of a collective operation than writing a novel, which is all me and no-one else gets to read it.

“With a script, you have an entire writers room where everyone gets together, take the various pieces of the book and juggles them around. It’s like playing jigsaw puzzles with a lot of friends.

“The main criticism that the studio and network had with the script was that it sounded too much like me. They thought they could hear my voice very clearly and were afraid that it would be totally different from the rest of the scripts. They wanted it to sound less like me.”

The author, who has spent several almost a month in Scotland during the current shoot, has been sworn to secrecy over the extensive outdoor locations the production has visited, or even the plot details, although she has been posted regular mysterious pictures from the set to keep her half a million Facebook followers up to date.

She said: “It’s been pretty bad weather for about three quarters of the time I’ve been on set. It’s been quite difficult for them because of the problems with moving equipment through mud, rain, snow and everything, but on the other hand they are rather used to it.

“It’s been tremendously interesting being on set, but also very tiring because they are filming for between 11 and 13 hours a day and you’re on your feet for a great deal of that time because the writers needs to be where they are doing things.

“For this particular block of film at the moment they are actually only in the studio for five days, the rest of the time they are out on location.

“The lack of daylight is a large issue for the production team at the moment, as it is essentially night-time in the afternoon.

“They have to be very careful planning scenes, which isn’t so much of a problem if they are doing night-time scenes, but if they want to do day-time scenes everyone has to get up really early in the morning to get the first hint of daylight.”

Read more:
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Sam's Outlander Press tour of Australia, Japan and then LA, with Caitriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies in LA along with production crew. Ending with the season two Premiere in New York City!

We will add photos as Sam travels and appears!

Press for NYC Tartan Day Parade 

Canada press interviews 

The Wrap

Online interviews 

Tobias Menzies Press Interviews 

USA Today Diana Gabaldon 

Stewart Christy 




Magazine shoot

Television Academy panel 

Apple panel 

Press online NYC  AOL BUILD 


Saks 5th Ave 


Museum of Natural History NYC Season two Premiere 

NYC Press

Press Day LA

Actors on Actors

Caitriona Balfe Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies at the LA press Event for Outlander Season 2

Sam and Cait photo shoot with The Telegraph 

Sam Wins E's Alpha Male Tournament...

SAM on the Late Late Show 

The Cast at the Writers Bloc Tribute in LA 

Sam doing a feature for Haute Living 

The Cast at the TV GUIDE Event LA

From Sam's Instagram 

portrait for press Japan

Credit by Hiroki

Sam Heughan at an Outlander fan event Japan

From Sam's Instagram 

Sam's arrival in Japan


Video of Sam announcing Outlander on Foxtel 


The Outlander Fan Event

Studio 10 Today Show

Sam's Instagram calling Oz a little beauty. .


Rove and Sam Radio Show for video interview of radio show..

Bondi beach credit

Sam arriving in Australia 

In the States Kicking off the Press Tour!

Caitriona Balfe joined Sam on the first Press Tour event, for Outlander Primed!

Sam and Cait for Amazon UK 

Thank you to The fans who shared all these photos...