Yeah, we know Laphroaig Live is over, but we just like looking at this picture of Sam. 

New appearance dates after Covid 19

Scott Kyle has a day after tour of Scotland 

September 2021



and October 2 2021

New England Highland Fling

Scott Kyle

Norwood, Massachusetts

October 8th 2021

Steven Cree, Tim Downie, Rik Rankin 





October 9-10

Comic Con Scotland

Graham McTavish

Edinburgh, Scotland

October 14-17 2021

A Fraser's Ridge Homecoming

Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, Annette Badland.

Leatherwood Mountains Resort

Ferguson, North Carolina

October 16th 2022

Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish 

Wizard world 

Chicago IL


October 22-24 2021

Outlandish Vancouver's Seattle Adventure 

Richard Rankin, Tim Downie, Lauren Lyle, 

Sophie Skelton, Duncan Lacroix, Cesar Domboy 

Seattle Washington

They are also offering a weekend with Rik

New flyer

October 30 2021

Romantic Rhine Author Cruise 

Diana Gabaldon

8 Day River Cruise... Basel to Amsterdam






December 3-4 2021


Graham Mctavish Sam Heughan 

November 8th 2021

LW theatre London



March 5-6 2022

The LandCon 4

Paris, France

June 2022 
Alexander Vlahos in London 

July 2022

Starfury events
Glasgow Scotland 

Highlanders 5


Covid 19 took out most of these appearances.. please go to link and check before making a ticket purchase! 

Stephanie Bryant runs a blog called Outlander Print Shop, the link is below. Please see dates on that page for during Covid (late 2021 into 2022) events that were rescheduled! We shall revisit this page when we get a date for Outlander season 6 and those premiere dates!

This was postponed

March 13th to 22nd

Paley Fest LA
Hulu theatre
The cast and production

March 14th and 15th 2020
Sophie Skelton  Ed Speelers
Rik Rankin 
More cast to be announced 


Facebook group

April 4th 2020

Rik Rankin

Easter weekend  April 2020
Rik Rankin 
Armageddon expo
New Zealand 


April 2020
Grant O'Rourke 
Santa Monica CA


April 25th 2020
Maria Kennedy Doyle 


Check Maria's Twitter account frequently. New shows are announced weekly

Check out Maria Doyle Kennedy (@mariadkennedy):

April 25th 2020
Texas USA
David Berry 

April 30th 
Virtual WizardWorld

Outlander cast

May 2nd 2020

Highlander Fling
By Scott Kyle

Orlando Florida 


June 9-16, 2020

Diana Gabaldon

Romantic Rhine Author Cruise with Diana Gabaldon
8 Day River Cruise Basel to Amsterdam

June 2 through the 6th, 2020
Outlander conference at the University of Glasgow 
Diana Gabaldon

July 11th, 2020

Lauren Lyle
Novel Adventures
Mast Farm Inn

On the Ridge Grandfather mountain in the Carolina's


July 24th 2020
Andrew Gower

July 2020
Outlandish Experience Grand River Clans Ceilidh
Ohsweken ON Canada 

Cast to be announced

August 1st and 2nd 2020

Wellington Armageddon expo 

Rik Rankin 

Sky stadium 
Wellington New Zealand 

August 7th 2020

Ontario Canada 
Fergus Scottish festival 
Diana Gabaldon 
Graham Mctavish 
Gillebride MacMillan

August 28th-30th



Hilton Metropole Hotel
Birmingham, England

Scott Kyle's Highland Fling(s)
September 12th 2020

More locations on bottom for 2020

Tour Scotland the day after with Scott


Other dates

Highland Fling New England

April 25th 2020


Highland Fling Canada 

June 13th 2020 
Kingston Canada
Go to the link for more details

October 8-11, 2020

A Fraser's Ridge Homecoming

Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, Annette Badland

Leatherwood Mountains Resort
Ferguson, North Carolina

​December 4th 2020
Through the Stones


The rescheduled events for the Covid19 cancellations....

March 13th and 14th 2021

Paris France 

April 24th through May 1st.. 2021

Diana Gabaldon 

Romantic Rhine Cruise
Basel to Amsterdam 

October 14th to 17th 2021

Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, Annette Badland 

A Fraser's Ridge Homecoming 
Leatherwood Mountains resort
Ferguson NC

December 3rd and 4th 2021

Thru the Stones
Davenport Iowa

Chris Donald... aka Phillip Wylie

We'll be keeping you abreast of all the latest Starz news from casting to blogging about the episodes to when Season 4 airs in 2018. Personal appearances by cast members and events attended by Herself, Diana Gabaldon.



Page produced by Dorianne Panich


  1. This is wonderful, Ladies. It's very informative and easy to use. You are doing a great job. I'm excited for you. Adso the Cheetie (Bonnie)

    1. Adso, we'd love to feature some of your wonderful art here. Please let us know if you'd be willing to have some of your fave's on our blog.

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  3. Oh my hopes are for Outlander to come to America, South and North Carolina to be exact. Perhaps then we will have a con of some sort.

    1. Elizabeth, Cesar Domboy _is_ coming to North Carolina. Don't miss your chance to meet "Fergus" on Fraser's Ridge!

    2. Me too! Why can't they come to comic con NY? :(

    3. Oh my gosh me too!!! But you said this in 2015 I said it in 2020. Chances are not looking up for us. (BOO)

  4. New York Tartan, will there be a red carpet showing with Sam there?

  5. Outlander Fan Event

    Get ready for the event of the century… and you don’t need to travel back in time!

    To celebrate the launch of Outlander Season 2, Sam Heughan is heading down under to Sydney! SoHo is putting on an exclusive VIP event on Monday March 21st including a Q&A with Sam.

    For your chance to attend, tell us in 25 words or fewer:

    What would you ask Sam if you had the chance to meet him?

    We have limited double passes for this exclusive event in a top secret Sydney location, so put on your thinking bonnets and get your entries in before midnight on 13th March.

  6. Hi. Love this page. Just to let you know that Duncan Lacroix will also be at The Higlanders convention. Starfury posted it on their Twitter page. Klarissa

  7. Thank you for all the great info!

  8. Any information about whether Caitriona or Sam will be at the Anglophile Channel Awards in early May? thanks

  9. Will Sam, Cat, Tobias be at Scotcon this year?

  10. looking for extra ticket to Emerald City Comicon 2017 VIP GENERAL ADMISSION let me know i will buy it from you

  11. Scott Kyle is going to be at FORT CON 2 in the Scottish Highlands in September 2017 More Outlander guests to be announced!

  12. Is anything known for 2018? Thanks!

  13. Outlander is one of the best TV show on Starz Channel , thanks to my cable provider spectrum internet for tuning Starz channel.

  14. Does anyone know of an event in Scotland where we can meet the cast? It seems odd that it's based here and yet the convention is in Birmingham, England! It would be great to meet them.

  15. I heard Sam mention, on the Jimmy Kimmel show that he would be in Miami soon. Do you know the dates?

  16. Will Sam Heughan attend New Jersey convention...

  17. Good Morning!
    I host Thru The Stones It will be held Nov 30, and Dec 1, 2018 in Davenport, Iowa. There is not another Outlander gathering like this anywhere in the world! Ron D. Moore, Ed Speleers, and Terry Dresbach are my celebrity guests this year.

    My vision of the convention is different in that it is not just a fancon. I want my attendees to go away from my weekend having had a lot of fun and met celebrities, but also having learned something! That is why I have incorporated Outlander trivia and various learning classes into the event. That is why all of my conventions must include a guest or two from the production side of Outlander. Diana Gabaldon, Terry Dresbach, Graham McTavish and Grant O’Rourke have all told us us things that we may not know just by watching the show. I want to learn more about the nuts and bolts and the creation part of Outlander-world rather than just enjoying the good-looking actors!

    If you come to the convention you will be invited to a private press conference where only a few selected bloggers, writers, and local journalists are included. In order to attend this press conference you only must promise me that an article will be written about the convention and my celebrity guests. In 2016 Grant O’Rourke and Terry Dresbach talked with the press for over an hour and it was a ton of fun!

    I do hope you consider joining us (I still have a couple dozen tickets left at a quite reasonable price) and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via the website!

    Sincerely, Deb

  18. Do you know if they will be coming to Australia one day??

  19. Do we know if Outlander cast will come to Oz Comic Con?

  20. I missed my opportunity in 2018, Wizard World because Sam got stuck in South Africa and Catrione was only going to be there 1 day, and I had DragonCon the following weekend. Please come back to the Chicago area. I may just have to move back to Fayetteville, NC so I can be closer to Fraser's Ridge

  21. San Antonio TX any time soon ???