Droughtlander without Outlander... Waiting on season six!

Check out the new ClanLands Almanac 

Outlander to become a board game in late 2021

My Outlander Purgatory plans a trip to Scotland.. and you can join them!

If you have nothing to do, or are still in lockdown? You can always buy Rik Rankin prints..  From Richard Rankin Photography 

Before we see (hope) Graham McTavish in future episodes of Outlander as Buck, let's watch him in season 2 of the Witcher with Henry Cavill.. 

Caitriona Balfe Book Club

Outlander America has all of the book club discussions on their YouTube channel, check it out.. 

Caitriona picks a book, and on her Twitter account gives a date for the discussion 

An update on Outlander book 9, Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone by Courtney Williams of OutlanderBTS..

Interview with Ron D Moore about possible spin off and season seven of Outlander 

Season 6 has begun filming! 

Watch Men in Kilts Sunday's on Starz... 

Bored? Find out behind the scenes tidbits from an interview with director Stephen Woolfenden.... by our writer, Susie Brown.

Outlander official puzzle

September 15th, release of season 5... on DVD and Blue Ray. 

Update: available on Amazon Now!

The collectible DVD 

The regular DVD

Check it out! 
Caitriona Balfe creates a Botanical Gin

Try the new Outlander digital game

Collect Cryptozoic Outlander cards... 

Try Caitriona Balfe's book club on Instagram by going to her Hashtag #CBbookclub or her account CaitrionaBalfe.. 

Check out the book list in the hashtag... 

Or join the YouTube channel to watch the videos at 

Sam Heughan and Graham Mctavish in, Men in Kilts on Starz..
(Check local listings)

Also Clanlands, the book..

Available for preorder now... on Amazon.

September 8th 2020. Release of the book covers! 

Try a laugh, Steven Cree got the gang involved in a short film series, starring Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and many more loonies!

Star Force 1..

Star Force 2...

Star Force 3 part 1... (which is in 2 parts)

Star Force 3 part 2...

Outlander season five

As of May 14th 2020 for preorder, with a September 2020 launch..

The Limited edition Blueray/DVD is ready on Amazon for PREORDER...



If you haven't purchased the series before


This comes on the heels of the season 5 finale..

During the Covid19/Corona virus lockdown, the Outlander cast like many others, had taken to social media with their boredom busters. So we saw Caitriona Balfe, Tim Downie, Kyle Ress, Caitlyn O'Ryan, Barry Waldo, and more, doing a desert cook off...

This was during the season, so we arent posting but if you follow Caitriona Balfe on Twitter, you can see the finished products and who they tagged in the challenge..

However, Steven Cree during his Pandemic madness got together with a few friends to produce a new Star Trek episode... titled Starforce... on Instagram. Including actors James McAvoy, Caitriona Balfe, himself and a few other loonies! And it's worth the watch!

If you're a music fan

Prior to the launch of the Outlander soundtrack that Bear McCreary scores for every new season, Indiewire released a snippet of Sophie Skelton and Rik Rankin's collaboration from the song they performed, (but separately) throughout season five... "Oh My Darling" (Clementine)

When the soundtrack is released, we will update where to purchase.

Try a Podcast... by an Outlander actor...

Lauren Lyle in, She's a Rec at:  

Kyle Rees in, Tuesdays club at:  

Graham Mctavish and Sam Heughan in, ClanLands at: 

Bear McCreary on his season five soundtrack... out May 15th 2020



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