Monday, March 21, 2016

Mika, The MagicUnicorn has Beautiful Outlander inspired Cowls for sale!

A Tribute to OUTLANDER , Beverly Hills California.
Mika Groenwold and the quest to get her to the Tv conference! The Writers Guild Theatre foundation, on March 31st 2016 in Los Angeles CA..

You may know her as TheMagicUnicorn on Twitter, and Facebook, but either way, We love Mika. She raises money for Sam Heughan and MyPeakChallenge, and twists her fingers off crocheting/knitting beautiful Shawls and Cowls, that are inspired by Claire's wardrobe from Outlander! Here's your chance to own one, see below for details!

Now it's her turn to be rewarded. We heard she has the opportunity to attend The Outlander Tribute in Los Angeles! 
We want to try to get as many people to see her work and love her items as possible...

Items sell from $25 to $50 for Cowls and Shawls...

About the Outlander Tribute that Mika has been invited to by The Writers Guild Theatre foundation:

If you are interested in Mika's items for sale, just contact her through her Twitter or Facebook, pick your Cowl, or Shawl, and send your money to PayPal..

More choices on her sites also.. Go take a look!

Buy an item and get the biggest OUTLANDER fan to the event...

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