Friday, December 21, 2018

Inside the world of episode 407, Down the Rabbit hole, Toni Graphia on why the episode was filmed with Tobias Menzies and Nell Hudson.

Not sure why production felt they needed to explain their episode. If it needs a specific reason detailed in a video, maybe it didn't work for some viewer's?

As I have said on social media, this part of Drums was my favorite. From Roger's journey to Bree's, with details like seeing the portrait of her unknown grandmother "that she is the spit of" infront of her new family.

Most of this book (and it is adapted from the book) was about Lallybroch, and revolved around Lallybroch. What had been found, through Bree's discovery and what was lost, through Jamie's departure from his family home and the aftermath.
Also, so much of the continuing story remains there. Details of the Fraser family who all go back at different times, with of course Bree and Roger settling there in the future with their own family and how they came to love the land.

Diana Gabaldon made sure Lallybroch was the anchor, even in later books having Roger searching back there to find his son in future time travel, and meeting Jamie's father Black Brian.

And for the record, I realize there were issues with cast not being available, however the cast that was on set had a lot of time in the books with Brianna at Lallybroch, with quite a few luminations about her real father (like 7 years in a cave) and in my opinion, all the scenes that were filmed could have been included in the episode (I happen to love Nell Hudson and Tobias Menzies) if the addition to those parts would have included Lallybroch as well....

I'm not even sure now how future seasons of the show will play out or for that matter Bree's connection. This part of the story was about Brianna finding out who she really is...

Here is what Toni Graphia has to say about episode 407...

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