Friday, August 9, 2019

It's been 5 years of Outlander on Starz

Caitriona and Sam tell us how they felt during season one, what they didnt know, (they were walking into) until they escaped their bubble (filming) and saw just how many viewers really watched the show during season one! Needless to say, they were happily surprised....

Tell us where you were in your life when you found Outlander, and what you're up to now!

Happy anniversary cast, crew and production!

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  1. Just watching what Starz had to offer..since we vacationed in Scotland years ago I left it on despite the tea leaves and time travel...and along comes this guy I watched in First Light. A good actor I thought..and then he looked back into the woods before he got back on his horse and I thought..this is going to be good. He is a much better actor than I had thought. Never looked back. My husband and I both enjoy the series..I get frustrated that the writers go off book often but still the series is top notch!