Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Fiery Cross, Inside the World of Outlander and a First Look at New Episodes, Season Five...

Every week during the season, Starz features Matthew B Roberts heading a discussion about the production of each episode called, Inside the World of Outlander... along with a new teaser clip for the upcoming storyline...

What's to come for the season on Outlander

 Je Suis Prest

New clip from Episode one, The Fiery Cross

The Inside Look for episode one

New clip from episode two, Between Two Fires

The Inside Look for episode Two

Thank you to Outlander America for always coming through with video!

New clips from episode three, Free Will

Inside Look for episode three

New clip from episode four, The Company We Keep

Inside Look for episode four

New clip from episode five, Perpetual Adoration 

Inside Look for episode 505

New clip from episode 506, Better to marry than Burn

Inside Look for episode 506

New clip from episode 507, The Ballad of Roger Mac

Inside Look for episode 507

New clip for episode 508, Famous Last Words

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