Thursday, August 12, 2021

Outlander, The End of Summer Series....

Outlander encompasses so much of everyday life for fans. With that, the producers decided to breakdown fun pieces of the show production, which include Food, Music and of course the characters... and they asked the cast to chime in on each episode...

Watching these videos during droughtlander inspired me all over again, I have to say the music episode had me in tears... 

The comparisons, changes, and personalities between the show and the book of Outlander is that of epic battles among our fandom. Regarding season five, we learn  answers to fan questions, explanations, and what went into their projects, (just how amazing the season five scenes were) with Maril Davis and Diana Gabaldon. 

The Outlander characters are food driven, (arent we all) Chef and Outlander cookbook author, Theresa Carle-Sanders chats with Lauren Lyle and John Bell about her recipes, (while making one) the Fraser family dynamic and what goes into 17th century food preparations. 

Music... Ah the music of Outlander is bone thrillingly intense. For me, it gets me ready for what I'm about to watch when Outlander is airing. Every week, every scene, every character's leitmotif... To break down his musice score for Outlander is Bear McCreary, Raya Yarbrough and cast member/musician Maria Kennedy Doyle.

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