Friday, July 21, 2023

Lallybroch has an official Scotland address

 As we heard it, Diana Gabaldon was tasked with coming up with the actual coordinates!

From Inverness Outlanders TM

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In Outlander season 7 Lallybroch, the fictional residence of the Fraser family has been given an official address. Unsurprisingly, this task was undertaken by Diana Gabaldon herself, the author behind the series.

The newly assigned address for Lallybroch is:

Tuarach House
17 Old Broch Road
Invernessshire, Scotland

This address firmly situates Lallybroch within the picturesque Beauly area, specifically within Fraser County.  

Lallybroch's location, bearing the postcode IV4, can be found in Invernessshire, a historically significant county in Scotland renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

Additionally, it is worth noting that Jamie Fraser, has been affectionately referred to as Lord Broch Tuarach and the presence of an ancient broch on the property further adds to the allure of Lallybroch. The term "Broch Tuarach" translates to "north-facing tower," emphasizing the unique features and historical significance of the estate.

With this official fictional address, Lallybroch gains an even stronger sense of authenticity for Outlanders 😃 #Outlander #Inverness #invernessscotland #thehighlands

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