Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The new official trailers for Drums of Autumn, season 4 *

Previews of the upcoming season

Season three official Starz trailers for upcoming episodes!

Preview of the Finale..
YouTube by Outlander America

Thank you Starz and Ron Moore's production team! 
Great Season! 

Eye of the Storm.
Episode 313

Preview of episode 312 The Bakra by Outlander America 

Preview of Uncharted episode 311, by Outlander America

Preview episode 310 Heaven and Earth

2nd part preview of season 3 

Episode 309 The Doldrums

Thank you Outlander America 

308 First Wife

Thank you Outlander America

So far

Sam on season 3

Episode 307
Thank you Outlander America

The reunion of the century by Starz 

Episode 306

Episode 305

Episode 304

Episode 303


Thank you Outlander America

Episode 302


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  1. Tell Starz to stop banning season 3 trailers. Somehow, this just isn't fair! We are forced to wait until September to view "Voyager" and Starz banns the trailers? Be careful, Starz, you could lose a multitude of viewers.