Sunday, February 14, 2016

Terry Dresbach's tidbits and the Shoes!

"The Red dress scene"
Terry Dresbach's design is simply understated. It has that Versailles glamour we expected, for the scene every Outlander fan is excited to see in season two. Perfect with its rich colour and lush fabric.

Then gaze down to the bottom of the skirt and for a shoe whore like myself, "boom", there they are.. Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the city) introduces herself to the shoes she falls hard for, So my first thought was, did Caitriona say, "Hello Lover" like Carrie would? They are as sexy as the dress is, and I can't wait to see Jamie's reaction on-screen in that not to miss episode.

Here's the thought process from Terry Dresbach on the Killer sexy shoes and what work went into it, with a link to the site.

Terry's blog is filled with amazing facts about her costumes, and thoughts on a lot of subjects. We spend many a mornings there, reading her posts. Check it out.

Terry Dresbach An 18th Century Life blog

Other Tidbits

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