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Amazing article by Moviestar+ strong roles for woman in television
ByAmaya Murga

Woman and their roles in Television Series.

Translation from Spanish and although slightly hard to follow, as the context is literal, we "get it". The female strong roles are changing for the better, starting with Television and our own Claire Fraser among the role models...

Woman outside serial

By Amaya Murga ( amayamcm )

Some already qualify as "seriéfila bubble" and many suffer this evil consisting overload television fiction by which we lack time to keep up with all quality series that come periodically into our hands. And yes, it stressed, right? The emerging role of women in the TV series: In this frenzy of stories, characters and plots, a reflection with conclusions that (thankfully) we convince many arises. If exceptions, before you had to dig deep to find a complex strong female character and breaking a little with the pattern established, and echoing recent statements by actresses "theater" with power in the industry as Meryl Streep, claiming important roles for women over forty, the truth is that its neighbor, the "idiot box" seems to be healthier gender.

Currently, creators like Shonda Rhimes , or self Lena Dunham not only begin to be known by the general public, but also to be leaders in a world that until relatively recently, sinned absence of women in its ranks. And although much remains to be done (if we speak of gender as such, there's the " Bechdel test "whereby a fiction should be able to find two women who talk to each other and whose topic of conversation was not about men), the truth is we can not complain about the number of female characters with charisma that flatter every day on the small screen grabbing, whether young or past forty.

Politics is women's

Soon we may see a woman preside for the first time in US history, but at least on the small screen, is already a fact: they are in control or are the people most trusted by their bosses. Strong, intelligent, self-assured and top professionals. We talk about characters like Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Veep '( Canal Plus Series ); Birgitte Nyborg, Denmark Fiction reference ' Borgen '( Canal Plus Xtra Series ); but also of Tea Leoni in ' Madam Secretary '( Canal Plus Series ); Olivia Pope's leadership in " Scandal "( Fox Life ) or the relentless Claire Underwood in ' House of Cards '( Canal Plus Series ). And what of 'Game of Thrones '( Canal Plus Series ) without Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark and Cersei Lannister? They have staged some of the most striking scenes of the series. Would "shame" not value the role as part of this game of chess which is the struggle for the throne.

But it does not stop there. International diplomacy undergoes a startling Maggie Gyllenhaal in 'The Honourable Woman '( Yomvi ), and the security of "the West" is held by Claire Danes in 'Homeland '( Fox ). Who said that women were the weaker sex?

However, not only the professional world feed female roles. In this category we could include examples like ' Olive Kitteridge '(Yomvi), but also the brave Claire Beauchamp of' Outlander '(Canal Plus Series ); the 'Girls 'of the century, and of course, our favorite convicted, they have put the orange more fashionable than ever with' Orange Is the New Black '( Canal Plus Series Xtra ).

In short: it seems that the range of characters has been extended considerably by more than television fiction. And culminating in perhaps one of the richest in recent years, more nuanced, capable of generating respect for Don Draper himself. A character that breaks with the established model, the role that socially belongs. A figure that departs from the archetype of secondary and able to take the focus to the star of 'Mad Men'. It is nothing that our Peggy Olson. A career background to gain a foothold where it deserves and, admittedly, a role that any actor would appreciate embody.

Much remains to be done. We will probably leave many great women to name, but it would require a more thorough study of the subject. There are the almost pioneering agent Scully or Buffy; or the more contemporary and Kate Beckett, Dr. Brennan, Virginia Johnson, Vanessa Ives, Alicia Florrick ... strong, powerful, mysterious women. Women capable of saving the nation and resolve international crises. Fragile, patient, tenacious, intelligent, complex women. Real. In short, women whose lives deserve to be told. Goodbye, trophy wife. Here are the real women. And, with curves or not, they have a lot to say. And that, friends, is just the beginning. Bless you!

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