Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dear Sam....

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By Nancy M Guillory

An open letter to Mr. Sam Heughan

Dear Sam,

I know everyone is all a buzz over you being named one of the sexiest men alive and in the top five too!

Granted, it is an honor you deserve, (you bust your butt at the gym) although let's face it, your parents also deserve much of the credit considering how well you turned out.

I'm writing this letter because as a huge fan of Diana's books and the show, I wish fans would be more vocal about the quality acting, writing, directing, production, set design, costuming and all the effort that goes into adapting such an epic story into the best hour of television, bar none!

Now, I know we've never met and likely never will, but I have to applaud you for the image you present, especially for someone who is dealing with so much unaccustomed attention all of a sudden. I appreciate the fact that you always make time for fans, when I know sometimes you surely must want to run and hide to get a moments peace, so I admire your good manners, fortitude and kindness, attributes that are just as sexy in a man as his appearance. Like my mama used to say, a man's looks aren't important, because if he's kind to animals, old ladies and little kids, he's probably a good man, and women are going to be all over him.

Anyway, when I heard that my favorite books were going to be made into a television series, I was both thrilled and apprehensive, as I'm sure all of Diana's fans were. From the first episode, I was instantly enthralled and continually delighted from week to week with each hour long adaptation. Therefore, on behalf of the millions of readers who've loved Jamie Fraser for over twenty years, thank you for bringing him to life for us.

Naturally, there have been scenes female fans have enjoyed way more than others, and I'd be a damn liar if I said I didn't, but I want you to know that many of your fans see beyond your physical charms and appreciate your amazing acting skills.

The entire cast is amazing and you and your cast mates have made us laugh, weep, want to commit murder, (you know who) want to bitch slap one character, (oh wait, Claire did that for us, thanks whoever wrote that scene!) and jump off the sofa shouting with joy. (I hosted a weekly Outlander viewing party each episode of season one and I probably owe my neighbors an apology for all the noise.) Each and every one of you, on screen and off, deserve Golden Globes and any other awards given for such impeccable entertainment.

So, thank you Sam for being so gracious and giving, for supporting important charities, helping others get physically fit, and for embodying one of the world's most beloved literary characters. Most of all, thank you Sam, for, well.... just being you.

Oh, one last thing, if you're ever in Louisiana, I know the best whisky bar in Baton Rouge. First dram is on me!

Okay, two last things... could you get Terry Dresbach's autograph for me? She is frigging AMAZING!

Peace, love, & whisky wishes from bayou country!

Slàinte mhath!

Nancy McGehee Guillory @NancyMGuillory (Blog queen of


  1. WOW! That is an excellent letter! 👏 👏 I hope Sam is able to see it. I'm sure he'll be very pleased.

  2. This is exactly what I would say. Thank you Diana Gabaldon and all the People who work so hard to make the magic of my favorite books and get it on screen. Thank for writing this letter.

  3. You are so right about everything you wrote, in my humble opinion! "Outlander" is a class act in every respect, from herself all the way to whomever is at the end of the Outlander food chain, so to speak. It brightens my day!
    I'm past the obsession stage- I want some every day!
    With love, Southern Lassie.

  4. Well done. I too would like to see more about the costumes, set decorations, writing etc. And more about the women behind the scenes. I too think Terry is awesome. I especially enjoyed the blogs included in new Companion book. Strong, talented women too often get pushed aside.

  5. I would have to agree with all Nancy! The acting is tops! I usually do not get that excited about a series however Outlander is the best. Thank you for the letter & Sam or who ever is looking & reading you know what we are talking about. Thank you Diana & Michael Moore, wife (clothes are amazing!)The cast is the best. Acting the best!
    Thank you Margo Dale

  6. What an awesome letter! I ditto every sentiment. Well said. Bravo.

  7. I enjoyed your letter very much but I'm wondering if Sam has ever implied that his acting skills are under-appreciated by fans. The Sexiest Men thing was not a fan-voted award, this was done by a panel of People Magazine editors, this indicates to me that he is getting attention from the industry. If he weren't on that list we would be wondering why. I think Tobias should have been on the list too. I believe Sam is getting attention for his acting skills (but sadly not the nominations...yet) from the industry, critics, writers and fans. No one doubts his skills. Maybe its uncommon for an actor so handsome and sexy to be so talented as well. God has blessed him with both hands but I think fans appreciate the whole of him. Personally I believe his best performance was in a documentary called "A Very British Sex Scandal" where he played a gay soldier. That performance was outstanding and literally made me cry. He made our ovaries explode in "The Wedding" and we all cried our eyes out in "Ransom" and I don't think he has any problems with fans thinking he's sexy. That is what Sam Heughan will do to you and get ready for S2!

  8. Now this is a letter I'll 'co-sign' without hesitating! Well put and polite! Thank you, Nancy, for writing and sharing this!

  9. Nancy, You took the words right out my mouth. I have been thinking the same things for months but never put them into words. Thank you for your letter to Sam and know that others agree whole-heartedly!! Slainte!

    Obsessed Outlander Fan from Pennsylvania!

  10. And may I extend Nancy's invitation to include New Orleans if Sam finds himself in Louisiana.....we have a couple of fine whisky bars down here, too!