Monday, November 23, 2015

Jaguar Targets Millennials With Interactive Campaign

The "Art of Performance" drops drivers into an action film with 'Outlander's' Graham McTavish portraying an MI5-like agent looking for operatives with superlative driving skills.

Jaguar is targeting millennial with its new XE Sedan and F-PACE SUV, and what better way to engage the most self-referential generation since their Baby Boomer parents than making them stars in their own two-minute action film?

Earlier this year, Graham McTavish was filmed on a makeshift set constructed in the L.A. Convention Center parking garage portraying a menacing British operative "auditioning" potential recruits.

"I am the leader of a rather shady organization — it's benign or malign, we're never quite sure — testing these people to see if they are worthy," McTavish told THR during the shoot. "If you pass the test, you get to join my gang."

During filming, McTavish delivered his lines not to actual recruits but to the empty air before him. Later, potential Jaguar buyers in seven U.S. cities, starting on Nov. 19 in Los Angeles, will stand before a video camera and emote appropriately to his drolleries — "you can drive, yes?"

The initiates are then seated in the driver's seat of a stationary XE and told to grip the steering wheel and react to pre-filmed action sequences of the car in a high-speed chase while menaced by ordnance ranging from machine guns to a rocket-propelled grenade. Recruits then face McTavish for a final, brand-specific challenge involving a large feline that kept everyone at the Convention Center shoot on edge until it was shooed back into its cage.

The finished film is delivered via email to participants as soon as the shoot is complete, after which they are given a test drive in the actual XE.

Click for the Jaguar video with Graham McTavish

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