Thursday, October 1, 2015

a lot of FAN GROUPS are Getting ready to trend, UK time 8 to 10 pm.
join here in the States, or help it TREND

Twitter Tips and Scheduling Tutorial for #SassenachNews

Join the #Outlander Vol2 DVD Release Twitter Party! 10/1 8-10pmBST/3-5pmET/Noon-2pmPT & 10/2 5-7amAEST TULACH ARD!

#SassenachNews UK Outlander DVD/Blu-Ray Release TWITTER PARTY! Let’s Trend This Worldwide!

@SonyPicsAtHome has asked the UK fans for a Twitter party on Oct 1st at 8-10pmBST/3-5pmET/Noon-2pmPT and Oct 2nd 5-7amAEST to celebrate the release of the DVD/Blu-Ray set and has asked for worldwide participation. The hash-tag is ‪#‎SassenachNews‬. Unfortunately Sony is only offering prizing to UK addresses. But this is an excellent oppurtunity to promote #Outlander and that what we do. TULACH ARD! Remember ONLY use hashtag in memes until start of event.

Time Zone Converter Link:
Quick Twitter Tutorial
#Hashtag is how the system tracks topics and makes it easier for you to find out what people are saying about things that interest you.
Your “Home” page is like your Facebook newsfeed, where all the tweets from everyone you follow appear.

Your “Notifications” page is like your e-mail inbox. Any time someone uses your @name or responds in any way to your tweets, it will be here.
Your “Me” page is where all of your tweets, followers, everyone you’re following and the photos/video you’ve tweeted are. It’s like your Facebook profile
“Reply” symbol “ReTweet” (RT) & QuoteTweet (QT) symbol “Favorite” symbol
You don’t have to direct a tweet to anyone. You can just tweet: “Can’t wait to watch Outlander on the newly released DVD/Blu-Ray by Sony #SassenachNews” and everyone who follows you will see it.

If you start a tweet with @name (@OutlanderAmbass), only people who follow both of you will see it on their Home pages, but the system will still see it and it will register for trending if it has the #SassenachNews in it.
During trending events, go to the gray “Search Twitter” box in the upper right hand side of your “Home” page. Enter #SassenachNews hit “Enter” and then click on“All”.

This is where the party happens. You’ll be able to see all of the tweets LIVE. If you see a tweet you really like, you can use “Reply” to tell the person something like “Great comment about “#SassenachNews” or “Favorite” it by clicking on the Star or “QuoteTweet” it by clicking on the bent arrows. (All of these are at the bottom of each tweet.) If you click on ReTweet, it does not count for trending, so we want to avoid those in Twitter drives but the tweet will go out to all of your followers and be saved on your “Me” page for you to enjoy later. You can also copy and paste the tweet and add the letters RT to your own tweet.

Trend Drives:
You need an Unlocked Account (change privacy settings, you can revert back once drive is over).
Use only ONE hash-tag per tweet. More hash-tags are seen as spam and don’t count.
You need Two Words plus a #hashtag for it to count as a valid tweet. Add a photo if you like but say something.
DO NOT RETWEET (these do not count towards trending) QuoteTweet or Copy and Paste.
You need at least 10 Followers (Need more send @Reader_DG a tweet and we will get you the followers)

Unable to LIVE Tweet for whatever reason, and miss out on being in the loop. Scheduling is your answer.
Use either Hootsuite or Twuffer to schedule all your tweets, these are free for basic use.
You can attach links and photo’s, plus add up to 3 accounts in Hootsuite:
You can only add links in Twuffer:

Before you start “Log in” to your twitter account in your browser.
Open either Hootsuite or Twuffer, click “sign in with twitter” then click“Authorize App”
When scheduling select the correct Time Zone. Then proceed to write your tweet as you would on twitter remembering only one hash-tag #BlackJackIsBack (copy&paste the hash-tag for correct spelling)
Select “Schedule” and choose correct time and date for when the show airs in your country.
If you are scheduling for a Trending effort. Try to schedule a minimum of 10 but not more than 30 tweets.

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