Saturday, October 24, 2015

‘Outlander’ season 2 spoilers: Defusing the latest rumor

It’s been a little bit of time now since we’ve written about “Outlander,” but that is mostly because there has not been too much happening. Also, it has a thing or two to do with the fact that until recently, there have not been many bizarre stories that have spread around the internet like wildfire.

Now, let’s talk about the interesting case of Maeve Foley. The actress / dancer recently became the subject of rumors because of a number of reports and also a tweet from a crew member that was misinterpreted by many who thought it meant she was cast on the show. However, based on a comment from executive producer Maril Davis, it looks as though this is not actually the case, and there is no announcement coming up. Foley may have some sort of tie to production, but it’s not in the way that many first believed.

What makes this particular story even stranger is just how far some outlets out there have stretched this “casting.” We’ve even heard some questioning whether or not she could be playing Brianna. Our feeling is that whenever Starz and the producers have figured out the right person for that role, they will send out a press release in great fanfare. They won’t have it just fluttering around the rumor mill for some time.

In addition to the tweet below, Davis also tried to remind everyone that there are only a few select sources that you should go to for casting news.

We will admit that we’re a little surprised that Brianna has not been cast yet, which leads us to believe that unless they film all of our footage at once a little later in the season, it’s possible that she does not have that big a role through most of the episodes.

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