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Outlander Will Head to France in Season two

By Diane Gordon Vulture 
This is apart of the media panel for the TCA tour 2016

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As season one of Outlander ended, we found out Claire was pregnant and she might be returning to where she came from, thanks to the time-traveling power of the stones. Executive producer Ron Moore, stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan and author Diana Gabaldon traveled all the way to Pasadena to drop a few tidbits about season two, premiering in April on Starz, at Friday’s TCA session. Here’s what we learned.

Season two begins in France.

Claire and Jamie arrive in France, hell-bent on infiltrating the Jacobite rebellion led by Prince Charles Stuart and stopping the battle of Culloden. They’re thrown into the lavish world of French society, where “the dangers are hidden,” according to Heughan. “It’s more about politics and backstabbing. Jamie puts his body and soul into this mission to change history. There's a great revelation that brings him out of himself. Season one was about discovery; a man discovering the world and a relationship. In season two, Jamie learns to be deceitful, and he's very capable.”

Claire's pregnancy will figure heavily in season two.
Moore wouldn’t give any specifics except to say that it’s addressed in the first episode of the season, and it will affect Jamie and Claire’s relationship and Claire’s role in the Jacobite rebellion.

According to Diana Gabaldon, she never stops writing, “unlike George [R.R. Martin].”
The close relationship between executive producer Ron Moore and author/consultant Diana Gabaldon continues, as Gabaldon wrote a script for one of the season two episodes. Heughan says he caught her working on the next book during shooting. Gabaldon got a shot in about George R.R. Martin when asked about missing deadlines: “Unlike George, I write no matter where I am or whatever I'm doing ... everyone has their own mechanism.”

Claire’s relationship with husband Frank will get more complicated.
According to Balfe, that’s because “every time she sees Frank, she sees BlackJack.”

There will be a lot of new faces in season two.
Both Heughan and Balfe were enthusiastic about the actors joining the show. “There are new enemies and allies. One character is a sort of surrogate son to Claire and Jamie,” Heughan said, seemingly referring to Robert Cavanah (Wuthering Heights), who will play Jared, Jamie’s Scottish cousin who lives in Paris. Jared is a successful wine merchant and strong Jacobite. Jamie and Claire live in his mansion in Paris in season two, and manage his business while he travels to the West Indies. Stanley Weber (Borgia) is Le Comte St. Germain, a wine merchant and member of the French Court. He has a reputation for brutality and loves dabbling in the occult. French actress Margaux Chatelier (Belle and Sebastian) is Jamie’s former flame, Annalise de Marillac. Andrew Gower (The Village, A.D. The Bible Continues) is Prince Charles Edward Stuart, and Romann Berrux (Détectives) is Fergus, a young French pickpocket who is fiercely loyal to the Frasers and would gladly lay down his life to protect them. Dominique Piñon plays Master Raymond, a kindly apothecary with a great deal of knowledge regarding secret matters, both political and occult.

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