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OutlanderHomepage Originals: Interview with Elena Vas, Outlander Fan Videographer

Elena Vas - A pretty amazing Outlander Fan, & Video Creator. 

Co- blogging by Susie Brown,

A children’s author, teacher-librarian and Outlander fan who lives in Australia.

If you love going on YouTube to look for Outlander videos, you may have come across many created by Elena Vas. We caught up with her to find out what inspires her to make these moving, emotional videos of Outlander. Mixing, amazing footage of the series and music that crushes the soul.

Ever since the first Outlander novel was published in 1991, the story of Jamie and Claire Fraser has captivated readers worldwide. Many fans have paid tribute to this remarkable series by creating themed products, such as jewellery and clothing. But the arrival of the television series, coupled with the chemistry between its two main stars, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, has given fans new ways to demonstrate their love of the world of Outlander. A simple YouTube search for Outlander fan videos yields thousands of results, but very few of these creators have had the privilege of having their videos recommended by the author herself. Today we share an interview conducted with Elena Vas, the talented fan video creator who did indeed catch Diana Gabaldon’s eye.

OHP: Elena, we know that there are many Outlander fans all over the world. Which country do you come from?

Elena:  I'm from a small country called Israel.

OHP: What made you start your video career?

Elena: Well, it's really more of a hobby, rather than a career.  I had dreamed about making videos ever since I was a teenager, but I actually started making them in 2004, while I was a fan of the television series, "Lost".

OHP: How long have you been making the Outlander fan videos?

Elena: Since the start of the show. I have a habit, whenever I like the romance in a show or a movie, to start making videos about it. My Outlander videos are my personal ode to this beautiful show and its beautiful leading couple.

OHP: What inspired you to make them?

Elena: So many things! Firstly, I loved the chemistry that Cait and Sam share. I also loved the show’s cinematography. I was affected by the colors and the imagery, as well as the romantic and historical aspects. Outlander is kind of a perfect show for me, and when I love something that much, I put it into a music video.

OHP:  How long does it take you to make each video?

Elena: It varies. Sometimes it's couple of days; sometimes a week or two; sometimes even more. It depends on how inspired I am and how much time I have on my hands. Often I will sit through the night making a video, not even noticing how much time has passed!

OHP: Each of your videos tells a story and creates a mood. Is that intentional on your part, or has it just happened?

Elena: Wow, thanks for saying this! It's wonderful to think that my videos have an impact. It’s not always a conscious decision on my part to tell a story; mostly it happens during the process of making the video. And even when I do have a plan for a particular plot from the get go, the story can change and ends up being entirely different from my original idea.

OHP: Tell us a little bit about the process of making a video. For example: how do you choose the video excerpts and where do you find the music?

Elena: Watching a new episode or even a promo of the show will often inspire me. Then I’ll go and look for the music. Other times, I start with the music. I can hear a song on the radio or on a CD and it hits me. Images start appearing in my head and I feel that I need to put the song into a video.

OHP: We know that Diana Gabaldon commented on one of your videos - how did that feel? Have you ever been contacted by Sam or Caitriona, or anyone else from the show?

Elena: Reading Diana’s comments felt great! It was one of the moments when I felt that what I have been doing for such a long time had paid off. I’ve never been contacted by Sam or Cait, although I’d love to know what they think.

The video we’re talking about, together with a link to Diana’s response:

OHP: Have you read the Outlander books, or did you discover the story via the tv series?

Elena: I have read all the books now, but I discovered the books after watching the show.

OHP:  Do you have a favorite Outlander video? Do you still make videos for any other tv shows?

Elena: I have made many videos for other shows such as "New Girl", "Beauty and the Beast" and "Lost", but now I only have my eyes for "Outlander". I don't really have a favorite. I always find faults in them after I finally put them online!

OHP:  Will you continue to make videos in season 2?

Elena: As long as I continue enjoying the show, I certainly will!

OHP:  How can people see your work? What plans do you have for the future?

Elena: People can watch all of my videos on my YouTube channel:
Go to Elena's page on Youtube....

I have to admit I don't really have plans for the future; I make them as I go.

We’d like to thank Elena for answering our questions - and if you need some more help to survive “Droughtlander”, we certainly recommend heading to YouTube and watching her many beautiful videos!

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