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Our Trip to JIBLAND 2016 Rome Italy!

Thank you Daniela, for putting this fan event together! We arrived on our mission for autographs to donate to Bonnie Terbush for the Just Giving Page of Graham McTavish's and Sam Heughan’s chosen charities... We saw alot of panels, we drank a lot of good Whisky, we watched a very funny, famous group of guys laugh, dance, sing and tell stories, and loved seeing our Outlander men, in person, on vacation, as we were!

These pictures are from Jibland...
Our pics of the donations to the Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish charities, along with some "When in Rome" kind of guy pics...

The schedule for Jibland 2016


JIBLAND has tickets available! May 23rd through May 26th, Rome, Italy

JIBCON7 adds 3 extra days to their sci-fi Con event and creates JIBLAND!

Sam Heughan Graham McTavish Reeve Carney and Sasha Roiz.

The dates are May 23rd to May 26th 2016 and tickets are available and on sale now!

Information and details are at

At JIBCON we've always loved the supernatural, and now we want to extend this appreciation to more legends coming from both Old Europe and New World. And what could be better than meeting guests who give life to heroes coming straight from our childhood scariest and most enchanting stories? Guests who can guide us through history and myth like books have done when we've first read them.

From the Jus In bello website:

Are you ready for more?
Because we have some very exciting news for all of you!

We've been working crazily these past months to give this to you and finally we are proud to introduce JIBLAND!

JIBLAND will come to life 24th-26th May 2016 at the Hilton Rome Airport Hotel!

There will be some of our favorite guests and some very new ones to create a different mix that we believe is going to be as wonderful as the traditional JIBCON.

JIBCON always seems to end too soon, leaving all of us wanting more: more fun, more friends, more guests, more time...
JIBLAND is our solution to have all of that!
If you decide to stay with us longer than the usual weekend we can double everything and make it even better.

Also at one point or another we've all felt like we don't have enough room to properly welcome new members into our family. And we know this past June many of you were disappointed at being left out. It's impossible for us to fit everyone into the JIBCON7 weekend but this we can do.
JIBLAND is for you.
It's our way to offer a new chance to all of you who couldn't get a pass to attend JIBCON 7 to spend time with some of your favorite guests.

We truly hope this new adventure is going to have your support and your love as much as JIBCON has.

Outlanderhomepage will attend JIBLAND!

It's with great pleasure to announce our intention to donate back our Outlander cast Autograph's from the JIBLAND event to Sam and Graham's chosen charities through the "Just giving page" Bonnie Terbush manages.

These charitable donation raffles "What's in the basket", raises money for the charites supported by all the actors of the Starz series OUTLANDER, like World Child Cancer, Caitriona Balfe's chosen charity and Action For Children, Graham McTavish's chosen charity. Bonnie also raises money for My Peak Challenge, with THEPEAKPOSSE, where fitness goals are met while money is raised for Sam Heughan's chosen charity organization as well. Last year Sam's charity fund raiser was for Blood Wise.

We chose the option from the JIBLAND pass to get autographs from all the guest's attending and Kath Powell has been kind enough to offer her Art as a donation for the autograph session with Sam Heughan, but this means we get a signed piece from Graham McTavish also, for Bonnies basket's.

(Hopefully this will raise a lot of extra money for their causes)

Confirmed Guests of JIBLAND - Rome, May 23rd - 26th 2016

link: imdb
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link: imdb


link: official website

When: "JIBLAND" Convention will be held from 23rd to 26th May 2016.
Where: at Hilton Rome Airport Hotel

general info:

JIBLAND was nice enough to make Outlanderhomepage an affiliate and friend to the convention which we are very proud of, Thank You JIBLAND staff!

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