Sunday, December 13, 2015

Diana Gabaldon Novella daily line

A Diana Gabaldon Daily line but A Novella, apart of a new book associated with The Lord John Series. Involving Hal and Minnie and his daughter Dorothea whose introduced in book 7 of OUTLANDER, and the lead up to where we meet them all in Outlander..

Excerpt 1: Minnie

He was very pale, and a muscle near his mouth twitched—the only thing he couldn’t control, she thought. Well, that, and her.

“I married a lady and she became a whore. I cannot complain if it should be the other way about, this time.”

“You think I’m a whore, do you?” She wasn’t sure whether to be amused or insulted. Perhaps both.

“Do you normally sleep with your victims, madam?”

She gave him a long, level stare.

“I wasn’t asleep, your Grace, and if you had been, I think I would have noticed.”

Mr. Fraser? He’ll never marry you, my dear—he has a wife, and quite a striking woman she is, too. Besides, while he’s an excellent agent, he doesn’t have the scope you’d want. He’s only concerned with the Stuarts; the Jacobites will never amount to anything.”

_A wife. Striking, eh_? While the word “wife” was undeniably a blow to the liver, Minnie’s next thought was that she didn’t necessarily need to _marry_ Jamie Fraser. And if it came to striking, she could deal a man a good, sharp buffet in the cods herself.

“Don’t you think of it, my girl.” Her father was watching her over his glass, not unkindly. “After you’re married, you do what you like. But you need to keep your virginity until we’ve got you settled. The English are notorious bores about that.”

She made a dismissive noise with her lips, and took a delicate sip of the wine.

“What makes you think I haven’t already…?”

He lifted one eyebrow and tapped the side of his nose.

“_Ma cher_, I could smell a man on you a mile away. And even when I’m not here…I’m here.” He lifted the other eyebrow and stared at her. She sniffed, drained her glass and poured another.

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