Friday, December 18, 2015

Starz Outlander had a live stream on Facebook with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. ..

Live Stream video, Caitriona Balfe Sam Heughan

Some of the questions were hard to figure out, due to sound, but Maril Davis was asking the questions from the Facebook feed. Matt Roberts gave the christmas hats to Sam and Cait on screen.. The hats were dancing, (on their heads) they both said well, that's enough of that and threw them off screen, laughing...

A few of the worth mentioning questions were:

Asked if the two would see each other over the Holiday break, Caitriona said she would face time with Sam, maybe, for Christmas and New Years day, They both said they would be relaxing.

Asked what the two were doing for Christmas, Sam said the New Year was more important to his family tradition then Christmas, Caitriona stayed silent, but both said they would spend time with their families..

Caitriona also said she wanted with Christmas dinner, a 30 year aged Bushmil? Sam said something funny, they both cracked up, so I'm assuming that it isn't going to happen.. ??

Asked what their New Years resolutions were going to be, Sam said he would try a vegetarian diet,  and then said Jamie would start a meat eating diet right after, hinting that the diet Sam would try, may not work out so well. Caitriona said she wanted to start working out more, Sam suggested MyPeakChallenge since Caitriona is inspired by Sam's workout regime and Cait said yes, maybe... they both laughed.

Asked if some of the more intimate scenes embarrassed them to film, they both agreed YES automatically. Sam said something about the extras, Caitriona said it depended on the circumstances. .. but both said of course...

As you can see, it was sweet, they laugh alot with each other....

They both wished everyone  Happy Holidays.....

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