Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Open Letter to Caitriona Balfe

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By Nancy M Guillory

Dear Caitriona,

I don’t know if you heard about or saw my open letter to Sam Heughan regarding the objectification of him by some of the Outlander fandom, as well as the media, but that many more fans appreciate his, (and the entire cast and crews) dedication, craft, and talent that goes into making the Starz Original Series, Outlander.

Well, I also want to let you know just how much I and (millions) more book to show fans, enjoy watching you as our favorite fearless female, Clare Beauchamp Randall Fraser.

The first thing I must applaud you for is your graciousness and warmth towards your fans.
I know some would like you to engage more on social media with fans, but since I began working with the fanbase on, fans I’ve spoken to who have met you say, you are always polite, engaging and down to earth. Which is highly commendable especially after a long day slogging about on set locations in the muck and freezing rain.

I also admire how you've managed to maintain your privacy in spite of all the media attention. I’ve never been comfortable with the media’s penchant for intruding in celebrities personal lives.  Just because a person is in the public eye or media spotlight, it doesn’t give the world carte blanche to the intimate details of a star's life or any right to constantly critique their appearance, but of course you always look amazing and greet the public/media with class and poise.

As a southern gal who grew up learning to shoot, ride horses, and being taught all the things that my dad would have taught the son he never had, I have to say, “Dang girl! You are badass!”
When stopping to consider what your role as Claire requires of you. While wearing a corset, tons of heavy fabric and with the beauty requirements of an actress. Usually in extreme weather, to have to run around doing what the male cast mates do and given the fact that you are in almost every scene, well color me beyond impressed.
Just wearing Spanx and a push-up bra feels like I’m wearing a very angry Boa Constrictor, I can’t imagine being cold, and wet, laced into a corset, underneath layers of clothing while riding, running, and rescuing Jamie.

I also greatly admire your bravery as an actress to take on the more daunting aspects of Claire’s character. Surely being so exposed physically and emotionally, in various scenarios, as Claire has experienced, can’t be easy to portray. Yet you do so, with the same grace and dignity the character draws upon in the books to handle the circumstances at hand.  

As a strong woman who has experienced rejection and criticism from men who are intimidated by my independent nature, I relate to Claire, as does so many of the book and show fans. We identify with Claire because she is no shrinking violet. It is not only refreshing but empowering to see a major female character assert herself, using her wits instead of wiles, to survive in such a male dominated, harsh environment.

Outlander fans are grateful to Diana Gabaldon for creating our favorite fiction characters, and we sincerely appreciate you Caitriona, for personifying Claire Fraser so perfectly.

I told Sam in his letter if he’s ever in Louisiana, I know the best whiskey bar in Baton Rouge, first dram is on me, and that same open invitation applies to you too.  Unless you bring Sam with you, then we’ll make him buy the first round, and be our designated driver!  Slàinte!

Peace, love & whisky wishes from Bayou Country!
Nancy McGehee Guillory (Blog queen of

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  1. Is aingeal í Caitriona.
    Duine lán le intleacht, fuinneamh, agus croí mór.
    Aisteoir den scoth.