Thursday, September 24, 2015


Production for Season 2 of Outlander is currently in full swing, and by Sam Heughan’s account, things are off to a great start. In fact, according to the Daily Record, the actor revealed that the second season is set to introduce a number of exciting characters, while producers have managed to make the setting look as elegant as one could expect for Paris, France.

“There’s some crazy new characters… It looks magnificent, the show looks incredible, and just trying to find where Jamie and Claire fit into that world, is exactly the kind of journey they’re having.”

Among those new characters is the daughter of Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Brianna. Of course, along with Brianna, the part of Roger MacKenzie is another role fans are excited about. With the new season based on the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s series, titled Dragonfly in Amber, both of these characters are expected to play pivotal parts as Jamie and Claire move to Paris, France.

Jamie and Claire are headed to France in order to prevent the Battle of Culloden from ever happening. With a new setting for the main characters, they will both meet new faces as they merge with the influential people within Parisian society, including Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Meanwhile, with filming currently underway, a few of the stars have been seen in and around multiple areas in Scotland. In fact, back in August, both Heughan and co-star Tobias Menzies were seen filming for an intense duel between their respective characters in Pollok park, Glasgow.

Although fans are surely excited about the filming process starting up, it still isn’t known exactly when the new season of Outlander will hit televisions. That being said, producer Ronald D. Moore recently held a question and answer session on Twitter, where one fan asked him about when the series would air.

According to Realty Today, Moore informed the fan that a premiere date would be sometime in early spring. “Hasn’t been set officially. Look for March/April,” Moore told the fan.

During the Q&A session online, Moore also added that everything was going “really well” with production. At the same time, he revealed that he was “optimistic” about the new season and how well he has been able to adapt the story to the series.

After the team concludes their filming in Prague, Moore stated that he expects to be in Scotland to finish production for Season 2.

Season 2 of Outlander is expected to premiere sometime in 2016.

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