Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Outlander: Why You Should Read Diana Gabaldon's Books Before You Watch the TV Adaptation.
28 AUGUST 2015 12:01 AM

IF you're thinking about giving Outlander a watch, here's why you should read Diana Gabaldon's books first.

YOU'RE always told to read the book before you see the film or TV series.
Well, Outlander is no different.
After the success of the TV adaptation's first season, Outlander continues to take over the world.
But if you're thinking about watching the Starz series, then you should definitely read Diana Gabaldon's books first - and here are eight reasons why.

Imagine the characters as you want. While reading the books, you are able to picture the characters in whatever way works just for you. However, we can guarantee you will enjoy Sam Heughan, who has been cast as Jamie. 

When you hear that your favourite book is going to be adapted into a television series, it’s not always the best news. But Starz has done an excellent job in putting together a fantastic cast and crew. The images they have been releasing on Instagram ...

Read into the history. Through the books we can obtain the entire back story on the characters, the world, and the story all around.

Real emotions. Diana Gabaldon is a very honest author. What she writes is so vivid and real you can’t help but feel for her characters. This series will fill you with a mix of emotions you never thought a book could evoke.

There is quite literally something for everyone in this series. It has action, it has history, it has romance, it has time travel and it has sex. It doesn’t have any discernible genre – it’s just good old-fashioned storytelling at its best. 

The series has eight books. If you enjoy the first one - which we know you will - then you will have plenty of books to make your way through.

You’ll be able to compare the books with the television series. Plus, we know you’ll instantly fall in love with the Outlander story, so you’ll get to enjoy it twice by watching the series. 

The Outlander fans. The television series already has a huge online following. You will be able to enjoy the books and chat with other fans about your favourite parts. 

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