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E Online does recap of episode 204 Outlander, Terrible Things...

Outlander Returned the Claire and Jamie We Know and Love, But Everything Else Is Terrible

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Tonight's Outlander finally gave us what we want: close ups of horrible wounds!

Just kidding. While we did get that, and about a million other things we've got to discuss, we also got a much needed reunion between Claire and Jamie in the sexual sense, and it was about time.

So far this season, the Frasers had truly been struggling. Their new roles in Paris were weighing on each of them, and Jamie was also consumed by the trauma he suffered last season at the hands of Black Jack Randall.

Strangely enough, it was learning that Randall was still alive that freed Jamie, because it meant there was a chance for him to kill Randall himself and personally, physically kill the images that he can't get out of his mind.

Unfortunately, this revelation came for Jamie thanks to a prostitute, who left some bite marks on his thighs. But nothing happened, he swears! He was tempted, but he did not participate in any number-related activities with any women who were not Claire.

Claire did not buy this at first, and was thoroughly displeased (read: verra verra pissed) that her husband had to get his lust back in the arms (teeth?) of some other woman, and she and Jamie ended up spending a night apart. Or they almost did. She eventually joined him, and they finally reunited in a way that was rather NSFW.


In other sex news (this show, man), Louise revealed that she's pregnant, but not with her husband's baby. She wants to end the pregnancy, but she also doesn't. She hasn't slept with her husband in months, and doesn't want him to know she's sleeping with another man, but doesn't want to sleep with her husband because that would be unfaithful to the other man.

Basically, Louise is a complicated woman. In the end, she decided to go through with the pregnancy, and convinced her husband that it happened on a drunken night, which is not exactly what Claire and Jamie were hoping.

After a late night visit from the Bonnie Prince Charlie, Claire realized that Louise's lover was actually the prince, and that perhaps they could use her predicament to bring down Charlie's plans. Perhaps if they threw a dinner party and revealed Louise's pregnancy in front of both Charlie and her husband, everything would fall apart, but it didn't exactly work that way.

Something else, however, did ruin the dinner party, and now it's time to talk about the thing I'd rather just put out of my mind forever: the rape.

Just before the party, Claire, accompanied by Mary, headed to the hospital to help with an influx of patients, which is where the wounds came in.


When they left, their carriage was broken, so they had to walk. On the way home, they were attacked by some men in masks. Murtagh was knocked out, Mary was brutally raped, and Claire was almost raped, until one of the men pulled back her hood and recoiled at the sight of the "la dame blanche." So we'll have to wait to see what that's about.

The men ran off, but the damage to Mary had been done. Knowing this would ruin her reputation and her chances of marrying anyone rich because everything in the 1700s was terrible, Claire and Jamie snuck Mary up the back steps to a guest room to recover during the dinner party.

Alex Randall, who Mary had recently decided she liked quite a lot, sat by her side, tasked with watching over her, giving her water, and giving her poppy syrup to sedate her. Claire warned that too much poppy syrup would cause visions, so of course, Mary had a little too much, and she woke up believing that Alex was attacking her.

Her screams were heard during the dinner party, which already wasn't going well, and everything fell completely to pieces. Everyone (including Mary's intended fiancé) now believes Alex Randall raped Mary, and a huge fight resulted in the police being called, which is pretty much always bad.

Now, I know the rape is in the books, and it plays a very important role in the story, but I hated reading it, and I really, really hated watching it. Does it really have to be so graphic? Couldn't it just be implied? Can we all just form a protective barrier around Mary and can people stop trying to rape Claire?

Or can we at least all look at this and see that rape is the most horrible thing and that it should just stop happening, both in real life and in fiction? Because that would be great for everyone.

Oh and someone poisoned Claire, and that somebody is called the Comte St. Germain, and you can bet Claire's not going to let that one slide.

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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