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E ONLINE Recap of Episode 205, Things couldn't be more complicated!

Your Worst Nightmare Is Back on Outlander & Things Could Not Be More Complicated


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He's baa-aack…

Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) has returned to Outlander, and he brought with him a whole bunch of new complications.

Jamie, of course, wants to kill the man who raped and tortured him for days on end, and is understandably delighted at the process of doing so. Claire, on the other hand, is determined to keep both her husbands alive and existing, and for Frank to exist, Randall just can't die until he has a kid to continue his line.

That also plays into another upsetting part of tonight's episode, which involves poor Mary Hawkins. Now that, according to society at the time, her reputation has been ruined forever after she was raped, she hopes to be free to marry Alex Randall instead of the old, rich guy she was supposed to marry.

Claire, however, knew that if Mary were happy with Alex, that would mean Frank would never be born, and for once it was time for Claire to be selfish(ish) and make sure her first husband did, in fact, exist.

She put it in Alex's head that it would be totally unfair of him to marry Mary in his sickly condition, even though she was then dooming Mary to a life of having to be with Black Jack Randall, who is the actual worst.

Not great, Claire, but also understandable.

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Tonight's episode also brought Jamie and Black Jack face to face, and if they hadn't met back up in the presence of the king, a lot more than typical pleasantries would have probably been exchanged. While it was damn near chilling to see that snarl again, it was a lot less upsetting to see Black Jack and his uniform belittled by the king and his squad, while Jamie and Claire were respected as lady and lord. Clearly, Black Jack's in a whole new territory, and his upper hand is long gone.

Unfortunately, Jamie couldn't just walk away from Black Jack without challenging him to an illegal duel. Claire immediately panicked, and accused Randall of last episode's attack, which is the one horrible assault that he just happens to have had nothing to do with. For now, Randall's locked up in the Bastille and after an emotional, tear-filled argument, Jamie has agreed to wait a year to kill him. As for whether he can actually stand to wait that long, we'll just have to see.

Finally, Claire discovered that the origin of her new title, La Dame Blanche, is none other than her own husband, who started spreading the rumor that his wife is a witch in order to keep his manliness intact while refusing Charlie's prostitutes. It's both the silliest and most brilliant stupid macho excuse we've ever heard, and watching it continue to have unexpected effects on Claire's life is going to be very interesting.

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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