Friday, May 27, 2016

"Faith-Full" All Things Outlander chat recap with Nancy M Guillory

OutlanderHomepage Originals By Nancy M Guillory

Episode 7 left us all emotionally drained, sending Kleenex stocks through the roof.

Once again, our beloved Ms, Balfe gave an award worthy performance that shook viewers to the core.

Many of our ATO chatters were touched, and honored by her portrayal of such a profound loss, based on their own personal experience.

Everyone participating agreed, they squalled like babies, and one box of tissue wasn't nearly enough. One even claimed a towel was the only thing that could mop up all her tears!

The quotes when asked about the episode, came in from every Outlander fan on our feed. Top Tweet goes to:

Meaning this scene,
The look on his face alone tells the story of his pain.

Our favorite was possibly the lineup of servants when Claire arrived home, which was not in the book, but now couldn't be more perfect to the story.

Fergus from the book is the same young companion to Jamie, but yes, that sequence of this episode changed from the book also. Claire did not stay in the country to recover and therefore less time lapsed. She did not grab Fergus to see the signet branding from BJR on his little body and drag the information about his rape out of him. But the writers got to the same point in the story, by using Fergus to care for Claire when she arrives home from Le Hospital, and as Claire heals, she cares for Fergus in a loving, motherly sort of way.

This may have been where Claire's real recovery starts. Her mind functions again as it once did, and she's plotting to save Jamie from the Bastille.

The death or so it seemed, of the Comte St Germain was shocking, yet after the overwhelming Claire segment, who remembers any of that part unfortunately. We received about 100 tweets from the fandom that multiple viewings were needed to even notice there was anything going on other then Claire and Jamie!

Outlander fans thought this was the most epic episode to date..

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue the chat, as my sweetie was fighting off a nasty respiratory infection, burning up with a high fever, and not a thermometer, or acetaminophen in the house. So, I apologize for ditching the chat to make an emergency run to the drugstore.

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