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Review of Season 2 Episode 205, The Nerdist.

The Nerdist does the best recap on Episode 205 so far!
"By Felicia!"



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We’ll sing you a song of a lass that is bold, sassenachs, but know it’ll be partly in French and chockablock with spoilers! Meaning: if you haven’t seen the latest episode of Outlander, turn away from this post now or you’ll see the future before you’d like!

Well hot French tamale! Now that was an episode of Outlander—and I’ve barely caught my breath to handle it. Now, yes, there were other things that happened, and we’ll discuss them, but we’re going to spend most of this recap talking about Black Jack Randall. Because he’s not only alive and well, but in Paris to boot! And ooh, what a showdown he brought. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

First, the need for his visit: Alexander. The younger Randall lad—Mary Hawkins’ little crush—has been fired in the wake of the attack on Mary and Claire (mostly because everyone thinks Alexander did it). But Mary wrote a letter to the court to try and support his innocence, not that it’ll do any good for a sick lad without a job. Yup, that’s right: the Duke of Sandringham fired him, because he’s a fickle dandy of asinine proportions. “I’m a man who cherishes options,” he said at one point and I almost threw my shoe at the screen in a fit of rage. YOU ENJOY LEVERAGE AND PLAYING BOTH SIDES AGAINST THE MIDDLE, YA JERKWAD! Man oh man would I love to see him get his comeuppance—maybe at the business end of a horse stomp? (Sorry, too rough?)

Speaking of comeuppance, Jamie certainly got a his after the whole “Le Dame Blanche” fiasco. As it turned out, it was actually Mr. Fraser who told the world (a.k.a. the movers and shakers at the brothel) that his wife was a witch, something that Claire was no doubt less than keen on. Because, uh, homegirl’s already had to deal with a witch trial once, don’t you think calling her one is maaaaaybe not the best move? Since, y’know, it’s the 1700s and people still believe that shit is real? Granted, it saved Claire’s life in the moment from le despleeta (Mark Me: I am 1,000% sure I am spelling that incorrectly), but that doesn’t mean being known as the White Witch will do her any favors in the future.

Especially when there’s a roving aristocratic version of the Hostel films bandying about. Which: who do we think is a member? Because I’m convinced the Comte has something to do with it. Because why wouldn’t he? Smarmy sneaky so-and-so that he is! But he and Jamie had to put their differences aside to work together because—twist!—Bonny ol’ Charles has a plan to sell some of Jamie’s cousin’s wine to people who will give him a bunch of money to start his war. OH GREAT. Let the meddling and double-crossing begin!

Perhaps the most annoying person of the night, though, was Claire (Which: twist! I know). Homegirl has been a meddling fiend when it comes to the love between Alexander and Mary Hawkins—because somehow she feels as though it is her place to make something happen in history that’s already proven itself to have happened without her around? Claire: if they want to wed, let them wed! Sure, he’s real sick, but let’s be real: that’s probably how and why Black Jack comes about to be her husband! (That’s how those things worked back then. Duty and honor or whatnot.)

So, yeah: let’s talk about Black Jack and what was, arguably, one of the most insane twists we never saw coming. Not just because Black Jack was injured, but y’know, for context: the Brits and the French weren’t exactly besties at the time. What with the whole warring nations thing. And we, honestly, had no idea Black Jack had any sort of compassion in him, even for his brother (which was the reason he was there—to plead for him to get his job back and get out of jail). The whole scene was insanely anxiety-inducing and felt as if it were going in slow-motion as it happened.

But it was DEEEElightful when King Louis showed up and sassed up the place, putting Black Jack in his place with his glorious hand flourishes and helping bring the role reversal between Claire and Jamie and Black Jack full circle. YEAH, GET ON YOUR KNEES, BITCH! TAKE THAT, YOU’RE NOT IN CHARGE HERE. Bye Felicia! Too bad Jamie’s insisting that a duel should happen between the two, yet again triggering Claire to feel as though she has to fix and/or stop something. GIRL, TAKE A BACKSEAT on this one! Let history be history and do its thing in this regard. If you want to meddle here, maybe help out Annalise on the dress front because that thing was, how you say, hideous. (Make sure you read that in a French accent.)

Still: we understand Black Jack’s need in her future-to-be storyline. But still: history did its thing without her, maybe she needs to, in this regard/now that she’s there, just let whatever happens with those two, happen? Just because Black Jack will apparently marry Mary doesn’t mean it’s his baby—it could easily be Alexander’s, hence the whole honor-marriage thing.

Oh, and random aside: did you see how pregnant Claire is/was? Clearly this baby is not the same baby that Claire is pregnant with when she returns to the present. But what does that mean?! Two babies? Or… something worse? Oh gosh, we don’t want to think about it just yet. We’re just so happy that this episode happened. Admittedly, Outlander‘s been feeling a bit slow to us since the move to France, so this really jolted it back to life in the best, most tension-fueled way.

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