Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dragonfly in Amber Season Two Premiere

Dragonfly in Amber Season two Premiere took place last night in my own back yard. NYC, at the Museum of Natural History.

The cast looked beautiful and the excitement was palpable! My Agent went to the screening. She sat behind a pole! Yup, right smack in front of her was a huge column, (positive it was holding up an artifact upstairs) where she could only see the stage leaning from one side or the other! But Lisa was happy, she was there! And the after party from her words was, Epic!

Lisa's view, lol

Ron D Moores Panoramic View of the Red Carpet!

The Red Carpet!

Interviews from the Red Carpet! Special thanks to Leanne Aguilera!

Shots of the screening from Barry Waldo! The Amazing Musical work from Outlander!

credit by Laura Byrne Cristiano

The decorated room of the Museum of Natural History transformed into France 1700's for the After Party!

Scenes from the After Party!

Ron D Moores Panoramic View of the After Party!

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