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From Hypable, Fergus and his role on OUTLANDER

‘Outlander’s’ Fergus steals the show


Outlander has added a tremendous number of cast members this year including the incredibly charming Fergus played by Romann Berrux.

Supposedly, the legendary W. C. Fields once quipped about co-stars, “Never work with children or animals.” Now whether or not Fields ever uttered these words is up for debate, but the sentiment is one that every actor and creative team understands. Children and animals may be cute, and everyone loves them, but at the same time they are unpredictable. Share the screen with a puppy or a child, and it’s like you were not even in the scene. This year Outlander is working with both animals and children. Mother Hildegarde’s beloved Bouton and Jamie’s pickpocket, Fergus, are stealing their scenes.

We first met Fergus in last week’s episode and he’ll be back again this week. Romann Berrux seems equally adept at acting either in his native French or in English. Impressively there was no stiltedness in his performance in either language. Berrux rose to the task of being at the same time the charming pickpocket and the befuddled street urchin who doesn’t understand why complimenting ladies’ breasts isn’t quite the right thing to do in more elegant houses.

Back in July, we spoke to both Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Balfe (Claire) at Comic-Con about working with Berrux, and their characters’ arc with Fergus. “Romann Berrux is such a sweet, sweet kid and very funny. Apparently, he’s also very heavy which you should ask Sam about, because he struggled lifting him. It’s been great. It’s lovely to watch Jamie and Claire to assume this role as surrogate parents. You really see her fears about becoming a mother come into play. It’s beautiful when you watch her and Fergus find that bond. It’s a really cool part.”

Heughan also commented on his role as parent and surrogate parent. “Fergus brings this great dynamic to the Jamie and Claire relationship. It’s nice to see Jamie and Claire playing parents, and looking after the child.” Heughan also confided that the scene which aired last Sunday, where Jamie tackles Fergus, was a lot harder than it looked. In fact he pulled a muscle doing it.

This week, Fergus seems to have bonded with Murtagh. Hilariously, they have a discussion about women and romance, and Fergus seems far more astute than Murtagh in the ways of women. Book readers can be assured that this dichotomy of being simultaneously charming, worldly, innocent, and quintessentially French will bode well for Fergus in upcoming episodes.

Outlander airs on Starz Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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What was your favorite Fergus moment in ‘Outlander’?

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