Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Radio Times! Wonder how many things happen to Jamie & Claire

7 things that happen in Outlander series 2 episode 3

Expect hostility, hospitals and pick pockets as Claire and Jamie return...
Radio Times


By Ellie Walker-Arnott

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Claire struggles with Parisian life

The Frasers have well and truly settled into their new life, and pregnant Claire is bored and struggling to find meaning in her day. Upper class women are expected to take tea and gossip about men and she is following suit. It's just not very fulfilling...


Jamie plots and plans all hours of the night and day

Meanwhile Jamie's existence is the complete opposite. While Claire can't fill her time, he doesn't have enough of it. Between plotting with Bonnie Prince Charlie and charming the finance minister, he's barely at home and it's taking its toll. He's spending all night at brothels with the would-be king before playing chess at Versaille, all while trying to single-handedly topple the Jacobites. “Still I suppose stopping Charles’ rebellion is worth losing a bit of sleep,” he says...

Tensions run high between the couple

Their romance was already under threat, and now Claire and Jamie are like ships passing in the night. They are snapping at each other, struggling to support each other's needs and sex? Well, sorry but that's still very much out of the question.

Claire finds a new vocation

Never one to sit on her laurels and mope, Claire soon finds a way to fill her time: volunteering at a local charitable hospital where her medical knowledge can be put to good use...


Jamie hires help

This episode sees Claire catching up with friends and meeting new faces at her workplace – most importantly Mother Hildergard (Frances de la Tour) – but Jamie makes a new acquaintance too: Fergus, a young pickpocket who is set to become part of the Laird's grand plans.

Bonnie Prince Charlie has a surprise in store

Jamie might think the Jacobite pretender is an idiot, but in this episode it becomes clear that he has more cards up his sleeve than it first appeared. While Jamie and Claire are busy coming up with elaborate plots to derail him, the prince has other plans of his own...

Black Jack just won't go away

No surprises here, but Claire's shocking discovery at the end of episode two has further repercussions in this week's instalment. Repercussions which are felt way beyond the royal courts of France.

With Outlander things are rarely as simple as they seem, and this turn of events is no exception!

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