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Everything You Need To Know About Outlander Series Two:  It's set in Paris, it's complicated and Jamie's ex-lover is making an appearance. Oh, and there's more time-travelling

By Ellie Walker-Arnott  Wednesday 19 August 2015 at 04:05PM

It feels like years, decades, centuries since we last saw Claire and Jamie sailing off to sea to change the future. Thankfully, season two of the time-travelling hit is on the way, though it's not expected to air until 2016.

Don't you worry though, Sassenach. It's time to whip out that kilt, pour yourself another tot of whisky and, erm, brush up on that GCSE French. Here's everything we know so far about Outlander s2...

It's goodbye to Scotland

Season one might have been entirely embedded in Scottish landscape, but series two will see the Frasers rubbing shoulders with new faces in France. "The story of Jamie and Claire in the 18th century pretty much starts with their arrival in France. The big story point picks up from where we left season one, which is Claire and Jamie deciding to attempt to change history by stopping the Jacobite rebellion and changing history so as to prevent the slaughter on Culloden Moor and the destruction of the Highland culture after it. That’s the major plot going into the season," creator Ronald D Moore told Entertainment Weekly.

But not forever

Moore told crowds at Comic-Con that the drama will return to Scotland halfway through the season. Phew! 

It is going to look a whole lot different

"Every set, costume and prop [from Season one] had to be set aside. Now it's a whole new series. We're going to Prague for the streets of Paris... There are other locations in Scotland we'll use, like exterior home gardens. And there are some palaces in England that will be stand-ins for Versailles," Moore told Blastr.

"We felt a little bit of discomfort in the transition, because we were so used to playing in this gritty Scottish mud," added Balfe. 

The costumes are flamboyant – and Claire and Jamie's life is a lot more lavish

There will be no muddy boots or sodden shawls when the Frasers reach the continent. Season two is all about "bling" now it's in an "urban setting." "It’s the most stylish city in the world during this time. A lot more money. A lot of finery. Scotland is featuring a lot of heavy wools and more organic colors. In Paris everyone wants to be a peacock," says Moore.

"We had to build an entire apartment for Jamie and Claire to live in. There are carriages, there are servants with livery, there are props and furniture. It’s completely different."

Over in France, things are pretty complicated...

"They are going through a very complicated time in their relationship. It's not an easy time for them, but it's beautiful to watch how they figure out a way to support each other," Balfe told Blastr

Not least because of Claire's pregnancy

"They are bonded mostly by their child, and it carries them through," says Heughan.

And the fact that Jamie is still dealing with the shocking events of series one

Jamie's assault at the hands of Black Jack "definitely colours his character," Moore says
"The after-effects of that and the reverberations through their relationship does carry forward well into the season."

There are new politics to contend with

"The story is also different in that it's much more political. It's much more conspiracy, it's much more lies and gossips and double dealing," Moore told E!

"Jamie's thrown himself into it wholeheartedly. He's in it, but he's not relishing it at all. We see them slowly get better at [playing the game] and learn they can undercut people and be quite political themselves,"reveals Heughan.

And LOTS of new faces joining the cast

Frances De La Tour will be making an appearance as Mother Hildegarde. Andrew Gower has joined the cast as exiled royal Prince Charles Edward Stuart. Stanley Weber has bagged the role of Le Comte St. Germain, a member of the French Court, while Robert Cavanagh will star as Jared Fraser, Jamie’s cousin who the Frasers stay with while they are in Paris.

Dominique Piñon will also join season two as Master Raymond, a mysterious healer; Lionel Lingelser will play King Louis XV; Rosie Day will play nervous young Englishwoman Mary Hawkins, who is engaged to a member of the French nobility; Claire Sermonne will play Louise De Rohan; Laurence Dobiesz will star as Alexander, Black Jack's brother; and Romann Berrux will play Ferus, a young French pickpocket who is incredibly loyal to the Frasers. 

Including Jamie's ex-girlfriend...

Margaux Chatelier has been cast as Jamie’s Parisian former love Annalise de Marillac. We predict trouble ahead! 

The second season will deviate from novel Dragonfly in Amber

"There are changes," says Moore. "It’s not going to be a literal adaptation because I don’t think that’s possible with the second book…. But I think it’s very much the same story, the major characters are all represented, the major scenes are all represented, and it still gets you to all the same places you want to go."

But there will most definstely be time travel

"It is a key part of the book, and I think you can assume it will be part of our season."

And ageing...

Jamie and Claire can't stay young forever, especially in Diana Gabaldon's world. Caitriona Balfa will be spending some serious time in the make-up department for certain scenes. That's all we'll say... 

Oh, and Frank will be back

"I love having the character of Frank. I think having [Claire] keep touch with the 20th Century life she had was really important to the show," says Moore.

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