Sunday, August 23, 2015

Outlander Cast Follows

OUTLANDER HOMEPAGE has been blessed with quite a few CAST FOLLOWS in recent weeks!

GILLEBRIDE MacMILLAN followed us on twitter and agreed to a chat with our writers in the very near future.
GILLEBRIDE plays Castle LEOCH'S singer and poet, GWYLLYN The BARD. In episode 4 "The Gathering."

DOUGLAS RUSSELL followed us on twitter last week. DOUGLAS plays LENNOX, a member of the Watch in episode 113 "The Watch".  You can also see Douglas in the role of Axel in the ITV Miniseries BEOWULF, along with Outlander's LAURA DONNELLY, in 2016 (UK broadcast).

And finally this week, we are honored that SIMON MEACOCK has followed us on twitter and also agreed to a chat with our writers, coming soon. SIMON plays HUGH MUNRO, the mute spy/beggar and close friend of Jamie Fraser, in episode 108 "Both Sides Now".

Check back soon for details

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