Thursday, August 27, 2015


By Rolly Gacelo |

Several "Outlander" season 2 casting hinted of broader and tougher adventures for main characters Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe).

The married couple will now head to Scotland and France but there is a bigger challenge for them. There's no more Black Jack Randall but the new obstacle is how to raise a child.

If the confirmed "Outlander" season 2 casting news is any indication, fans of the Diana Gabaldon book series where this show was based from can hope that it will be faithful to the material. Caitriona Balfe assured this in a recent interview.

"I think there's definitely some scenes from Diana's books where the fans have already become - they're very important moments for them," the main "Outlander" season 2 cast said in an interview with MTV. "You kind of know when you're coming up to it, you're like, 'well this is a big moment in the book.'"

"You can't really approach those in any different way than you do anything else," she continued. "I think if you start doing that then it's a disservice to the story as a whole, so you treat it all the same."

"Outlander" season 2 will be about Jamie and Claire's journey into parenthood. This won't be easy for them. Not only they are stranger to the new place they chose to live in, both of them, never really had great childhood.

"It changes everything," Caitriona told Access Hollywood. "When you kind of believe that something is impossible and then that changes... it brings up a lot of stuff about her own family and her past. She lost her parents when she was 5, so she's never really had that kind of mother figure there to guide her, and I think it brings up a lot of that stuff for her, but it's something that brings Jamie and Claire really together, and it's a beautiful part of the story."

The second season is expected to premiere this fall. Among those confirmed in "Outlander" season 2 casting news are Rosie Day, Stanley Weber, Robert Cavanagh, and Margaux Chatelier.


  1. It's the first I have heard of it being premiered in the Autumn, I was given to understand it would be Spring 2016

  2. Wait a minute, do you have info we don't? I've never heard anything about it premiering this fall, either! Please tell me that it's for sure!! I'm afraid to even begin to believe it!

  3. This article was reprinted from To the best of our knowledge, Season 2 is not set to premier until the Spring of 2016. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! (We're disappointed, too)

    1. Arrrrgggghhhh! I knew it couldn't be true, but that didn't stop me from praying it was! Thanks for clearing it up. Wonder where in the world they got that idea... Way to get our hopes up, right?!! LOL! Oh well, guess Droughtlander continues after all...