Thursday, August 27, 2015

'Outlander' Author Diana Gabaldon Likes the Scripts for Season 2

By Perry carpenter

Outlander is well underway with production of its second season, and it seems as though author Diana Gabaldon is very pleased with how things are progressing. The author recently told Zap2it that she is particularly impressed with the script as the characters move on to Paris, France, in Season 2.

“The Parisian stuff is very good, and in fact I’m deeply impressed by the outlines I’ve seen of those scripts… I think they’ve done a wonderful job of pulling out the most important plot elements and arranging them in a convincing way.”

With the new season being adapted from Gabaldon’s second book in the series, titled Dragonfly in Amber, producer Ron Moore explained that dealing with the political games in Paris has been a challenge to adapt in the new season.

“The Paris section [of Dragonfly in Amber], the plot is not as clean and simple as the plot was in Book 1. Book 1, for a big chunk of it, is Claire going back in time and trying to get home, and then she’s trying to find Jamie, and those are very clean narratives,” Moore stated in an interview with Deadline.

“It’s about many more ideas, other characters coming and going. They’re involved in something that’s more complex, Diana [Gabaldon] shifted points of view, herself, in Book 2. So that alone just makes it a more complicated task to make the adaptation… So, yeah, we’re still struggling with the same things, with trying to be as true to the book as we possibly can while making it a television series.”

Moore went on to reveal that, although the new season is nothing like the first, it will feature a number of surprising elements.

“It’s an urban setting and you’re dealing with aristocracy and the court of Louis XV so it’s a whole different thing. It’s not going to look anything like Season 1, so you’re really kind of prepping and shooting a whole new TV show into the second year. It has a lot of, you know, ‘oh my God, what can we do,’ those kind of moments to it.”

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