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By Rolly Gacelo | Aug 06, 2015 12:58 PM EDT

"Outlander" season 2 cast hint of a political shift in the story.

According to reports, there will be kings, prince and princess, and more as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) journey their way to France.

They are traveling to another country after their painful experience from the hands of Jack Randall in Scotland. With all these "Outlander" season 2 cast and story shift, expect things to be more difficult for the couple. According to Heughan himself, Jamie will be caught in web of politicking between the royal ones. "Jamie's thrown himself into it wholeheartedly," Heughan said in an interview with Blastr.

"He's in it, but he's not relishing it at all. We see them slowly get better at [playing the game] and learn they can undercut people and be quite political themselves. Publicly he's a good businessman and very charming, but in those late nights with Claire we see the mask come off. They are bonded mostly by their child, and it carries them through."

Outside of their home, Jamie and Claire will be busied by political affairs. However, inside their home, that is where everything gets more challenging for them.

"Claire is dealing with her pregnancy and [wondering], how do you support someone going through a trauma like [Jamie's]? How do you help him get over it, or get past it?" Balfe said on the same interview.

"The idea they have of changing the future, she uses it like a mission and something for Jamie to put his focus and energy into so he's not dwelling on what's happened. In a way she sacrificed herself a little bit because she's dealing with her pregnancy on her own in a way. They are going through a very complicated time in their relationship. It's not an easy time for them, but it's beautiful to watch how they figure out a way to support each other."

The show will return this fall. Among the confirmed "Outlander" season 2 casting are Stanley Weber and Robert Cavanagh will play as Le Comte St. Germain, a member of the French Court while Cavanagh and Jamie's cousin and a strong Jacobite, respectively.

Also part of the cast lineup are Rosie Day as Mary Hawkins, the daughter of a minor baronet and the niece of Silas Hawkins, Andrew Gower as Prince Charles Edward Stuart, Romann Berrux as Fergus.

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