Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Big Thank You to our First 1000 Followers AND a wee raffle

Here at Outlander Homepage we're celebrating our first Thousand followers!  THANK YOU so much for your support as we launched our blog. It's been a lot of work but we're having a lot of fun connecting with other fans and talking Outlander, both books and Starz show.

To express our appreciation for your support, we're going to go through the first Thousand, pick out a follower at random and give them a pair of Beeswax Candles - just because.

Now, feeling left out?  Don't! If you'd like a chance to win your own SET OF CANDLES, and a GIFT CERTIFICATE From THE SCOTTISH STORE ONLINE, just retweet this post during the rest of the month of July.  New followers and existing followers alike, just give us a retweet and you're entered! 

On August 1st, we'll pick another winner for the next set of candles.  These lovely sets were hand dipped, designed and painted. 

In case you forgot how much trouble this is, you can read below the excerpt from Outlander describing how Jenny and Claire made beeswas candles at Lallybroch. 

Beeswax Candles:

Drain honey from the comb. Remove dead bees, so far as possible. Melt comb with a small amount of water in a large cauldron.  Skim Bees, wings, and other impurities from surface of water.  Drain water, replace.  Stir frequently for half an hour, then allow to settle.  Drain Water, keep for use in sweetening. Purify with water twice more.

“Jenny,” I called, “how long does it take to make candles, counting everything?”

“Half a day to gather the combs, two to drain the honey – one if it’s hot – one day to purify the wax, unless there’s a lot or it’s verra dirty – then two.  Half a day to make the wicks, one or two to make the molds, half a day to melt the wax, pour the molds and hang them to dry. Say a week altogether. "  

Thanks again for helping us be so successful in our launch and watch for more giveaways and games here.  

                                                                         The Three Wee Lasses 

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  1. Well I sure hope I was in that range but no matter who wins they will love their keepsake.