Monday, July 27, 2015


This is a story I literally stumbled upon while ordering goodies for our RAFFLE RAFFLE

The creator Nalana Lillie, is a lover of books and candles, read her story.
How Strength & Inspiration = Books & Candles
Thank you so much for stopping by my store and taking the time to read my story.
So what is my story? The road to Book Scents is a long one, but it began when I married a U.S. Marine. That adventure has taken me all over the country and provided me with a wealth of experiences I wouldn't trade for anything. It has provided me with ability to rebuild my life and network after each move and the strength to start over when there seems to be little to pull from. So with that as my foundation, and my husband and children cheering me on, I opened Book Scents in October 2013.

Since that opening my world has changed and for the better! I love my "job" and all the wonderful people I have been able to meet who love books and characters as much as I do! Through this I have found my calling - running a business that is based on my love of reading and inspires my creativity in candles and in business. I have surrounded myself with amazing people and am excited about where my business is going.

I hope you'll join me on this adventure! As a customer you will receive high quality, hand-poured candles that are based off of books and characters that have inspired me and I hope you love as well. I take the time to find the right fragrance profile for each candle - they are my babies - and will work to blend and mix fragrances until I find the perfect fit.

If you are an author, I hope you will look to me as a source of unique promotional items. I will work with you one on one to create a fragrance that inspires you and helps you to build your brand.

You can find me all over the internet! Please come check me out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or at my blog. Also, if you see a link for my newsletter sign up! I do giveaways, sales, product announcements and provide Etsy coupons in all of these places. click link to purchase candles and other OUTLANDER goodies on her website. EXPECT A FEW IN OUR RAFFLE

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