Sunday, July 26, 2015


Although I am not a writer, I share this story with you, with an open OUTLANDER heart, I dont MEAN to relate everything I do to Outlander, but somehow, I always do! As my husband pointed out to me.... Im almost hardwired for it.

My hubby and I went to the MET, thinking there couldn't be a more interesting place to be in the city on a rainy Sunday. However while going from one exhibit to another, I began to realize how much the OUTLANDER books have affected me. Everywhere I stopped to examine an artifact of Viking descent, a portrait from the 18th century, or a weapon used in a famous battle, I found myself looking for relevance to the Scots and how it related to the events in the OUTLANDER books.

As a prime example, there is a Costume exhibit located downstairs in the museum, where fashion houses were commissioned to create art in their designs for events held annually at the MET.
Every time I saw a gown that had an 18th century theme or a french period description, I wanted to tweet it directly to Terry Dresbach, the Costume Designer for the series.

As you can see, I'm already in deep, so I'm including my pictures and everything I can remember about my day in relation to my OUTLANDER obsession.

We started in the Exhibit of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts where there was an exhibit showing the home decor of a land owner from Oxfordshire, England. This, of course, reminded me of OUTLANDER because when CLAIRE tells her story to the Redcoats, she described herself a Lady from Oxfordshire, so this gives you some idea of how she would have lived.

Next we saw the Exhibit of Arms and Armor which included a Highlands area.
SCOTLAND developed modern WEAPONRY for their time, that was handed down through the generations. The weapons were considered to be a superior form of defense in the 17th and 18th century.

Back in the The Exhibit of European Decorative Arts, I was reminded of DRAGONFLY IN AMBER the 2nd book in the series, and its strong French influence. An opulent lifestyle would require the use of a toilet set, which was given to new wives upon marriage for use after the honeymoon. These grooming sets were unlike anything I've ever seen. It's easy to imagine CLAIRE using one of these during her time in Paris.

The Exhibit of Early American Art has a collection of portrait miniatures, painstakingly hand painted in the extreme details of 18th century fine art. This reminded me of DRUMS OF AUTUMN the 4th book, when BRIANNA settled into her life with her parents in the 1700's, and painted portrait miniatures to keep herself occupied while she was pregnant.

The Exhibit in the American wing, has life-sized portraits of GEORGE WASHINGTON and Revolutionary War re-enactment art. This reminded me of ECHO IN THE BONE, the 7th book, and the battle of SARATOGA, in which JAMIE FRASER participated, along with HORATIO GATES, who was an important figure in the American Revolution.

Lastly, I include the gowns of the 18th century, English and French, and oh so beautiful! CLAIRE would look like a princess in any one of these.

All in all, it was a great OUTLANDER day.... Sorry Hubby...

Noteable mentions. I guess we all love the MET.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! Thx for sharing. And I do the same everywhere I go. On the lookout for Outlander!!!