Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What Outlander season 2 will visually look like

As per Ron D Moore. Designs by Terry Dresbach.

Visually, the second season will look dramatically different than the first, according to creator Ron Moore. "Now we're in an urban setting. The quality of light coming into the windows in Paris is different than the quality of light coming into the castle in Scotland. So it's a little brighter; it has a little bit more luminescence to it," he recently told Entertainment Weekly. "It's a little bit more bling in terms of what people are wearing. The fabrics are kicking off more reflectivity; there's more jewelry that's giving you more sparkle in the frame itself. And everything is just richer in terms of color and texture, so visually you've moved from the heavy woods and stone of season 1 into the finery of the Parisian apartments. It's just a richer, more dynamic kind of visual palette, as well."

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