Friday, July 31, 2015

Will Outlander Seasons Ever Come Out All at Once for Binge-Watching? Starz Boss Says...

Ask any Outlander fan and they'll tell you without hesitation that there's nothing worse than the #Droughtlander.
We're supposed to survive the many long months until next year without any new episodes of's only been two months since this show left our lives and we're already dying for more of Jamie (Sam Hueghan) and Claire's (Caitriona Balfe) epic love story.
And now that Starz has announced that two of its series, new gritty ballet dramaFlesh and Bone and returning series Da Vinci's Demons, will be released in full for binge-watching, we immediately wondered if the same would be true of Outlander!
Could you imagine getting a full season of Outlander all at once? Could we even handle all that sexy romance in one sitting?!


But Starz CEO Chris Albrecht killed all our hopes and dreams during the 2015 Summer TCA press tour.
"No, some of the problem with this, and this is really what happened with the first season of Outlander, is just these shows take so much time to produce," Albrecht says. "We did 16 episodes, and we just actually started shooting Outlander again. If we waited for all the episodes to be done, so that they were all available at the same time, we would have to delay the debut of the first episode quite significantly."
According to Albrecht, they're already pushing the time constraints as is without adding in the additional deadline of releasing every single episode at once.

Outlander, Sam Heughan, Caitriona BalfeStarz/Sony Pictures Television

"I was just in the [writers] room with Mike O'Malley from Survivor's Remorse, and he was like, ‘Hey! We just finished [episodes] nine and 10!' And I was like, ‘Great…just in time!'" Albrecht says with a laugh. "It's just a function of the complexity of the premium programming world, how long it takes to get these things finished."
So, OK, we won't ever get full new seasons of Outlander released all at the same time, but that means we'll get new episodes released one-by-one sooner. Hey, we'll take it!
Are you happy with that, or would you rather wait a little longer to get a full season of Outlander released all at once? Hit the comments section below to weigh in with your thoughts!

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