Thursday, July 16, 2015

Outlander - 2015 Emmys Give Viewers' Favorite a Snub

Along with millions of other Outlander fans, I was sitting at my computer waiting with the proverbial bated breath this morning for the Emmy Announcements for 2015.  There's no prettying this one up - we got skunked! Not one cast member got a nomination in any category.  Outlander broke ground in the first season adapting the novels by Diana Gabaldon. 

Let's start with the costuming which very talented designer, Terri Dreisbach literally created from scratch, including producing authentic period materials and creating a feast for the eyes. Add to this that she had to so it in half the time normally allotted for start up and she was coming back from a long hiatus during which her key contacts had gone stale and Terri should get her very own special nomination for Best Miracle of Costuming.  No, it's not a real category - they should make one just for her for this year. 

The gorgeous cinematography is this show cannot be over-stated. Scotland as a co-star of the show lent beauty and yet more authenticity to Outlander.  The acting by Cait, Sam and Tobias up front and every single member of supporting cast was a joy and a wonder to behold all season long, each and every episode but none more so than the last two episodes. 

The acting during those last two episodes was nothing short of awe-inspiring and award-worthy. Sam and Tobias handled brutally graphic material with talent, perseverance and sensitivy. They gave performances that left their legion of fans weeping across the globe. Lest we forget, when Cait cried, we also cried because we felt every drop of her pain and despair.  In short, these actors gave the most moving and believable performances I think I've ever seen on any screen anywhere, large or small.  If the purpose of great art (not to mention the measure of great art) is to invoke strong emotions, there was no other show that achieved that to a greater extent or with greater artistry than Outlander this year. 

Every detail of this show has been painstakingly researched and presented beautifully and believably on screen.  The names of all who made that happen are too numerous to mention again here, but we know them. 

And yet, nothing from the academy.  I am left baffled.  Sometimes one must be satisfied with knowing the work done speaks for itself.  I've seen these actors handle many interviews with style and grace and have no doubt they'll be gracious about this as well.  I'm hurt for them.  They deserved a nomination at the very least.  

This show has quality in abundance.  Too bad the Emmy Academy didn't recognize it.  Fortunately, they'll have a chance to get it right next year.  Let's hope they do better.  

One of the Three Wee Lasses (the grumpy one at the moment) 

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  1. It never seems to amaze me at who they snub and ones that win yr. After yr. Whether the show was good or not. For us fans They are our Winners!