Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Brave New Warriors Comic Con Panel - Sam Heughan, Zachary Levi, Kevin Du...

probably the best panel hands down from 2015. Alot of Sam Heughan and worth the watch. see the interactions these men have with each other. great

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  1. Great panel and discussion with Sam and the other great male actors. It was very entertaining and insightful to hear the questions and answers that pertained to their experiences as an actor, their most embarrassing moments, favourite fan moments. I loved the byplay between the guys. Sam told of a childhood moment called"Kiss, Cuddle, Torure" where he was being chased by a girl,that he fancied and when he looked backwards to see if she was behind him, he ran into a wall and he said she never chased him again. It's an truthful and honest glimpse into Sam's childhood and it makes him all the more real and shows me that the man he is now was shaped by the young boy he was, growing up in Scotland. He is very humble and laid back especially in a cutthroat business. May he remain that way.