Friday, July 17, 2015


We as a fandom were hurt yesterday because we are so invested in our favorite Cast of Characters, the Production Crew, Writing team, and of course the Costume dept. 
We didn't get the NOMINATIONS we thought we deserved by the EMMYS. 
Well we saw some News outlets say Outlander was Snubbed. We saw some news outlets ignoring it completely when the story went in a different direction. 
That is the way it goes in that industry.

Terry Dresbach put out a tweet addressing it directly, she wrote, The show is in its first year, and on a Cable network.

Other fans had theories that made sense. They think only season 1 A was introduced to the voters of the academy of Television, who decide by voting the nomination. 
I like that one due to the obvious, the first 8 shows were a simple set up to the Diana Gabaldon story. Not so much meat as they say, in the story line. 
If thats the case, the voters didn't see our Actors with the most gut wrenching scenes in history and (probably will not now because next year is another year and another season).

I personally think Starz should have submitted the last 8 shows, season 1 B. 
Why didn't they?

Here is a link to the how to's and why's, and the process of the Television Academy that makes the EMMY Nods what they are.
We hope this helps the bafflement everyone seems to be in as a result the the infamous decision. how the EMMYS work

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  1. All 16 episodes were sent for consideration, per Ron, in 2 sets.